Friday, 31 March 2017

Things I Ask Myself Before Making A Purchase

As one of my New years resolutions is to spend less on things and more on experiences I have been putting my will power to the test. Admittedly I was and sometimes still can be a shop-a-holic. I feel like there is so much pressure to keep buying new things, especially in the blogging world. As these few months have passed I have learnt a few tips and naturally thought I would share them with those who may be aiming to do the same.

I think if you are trying to cut back on shopping and making unnecessary purchases the first and most obvious is to avoid situations where you spend. Why don't you meet up somewhere else with friends, family or partners? If you aren't surrounded by temptation you can't be tempted. The same goes for online too. I had to break bad habits with my continuous browsing of new in sections when I really didn't need to. I was constantly looking just for the sake of looking, it was like hunting for my next purchase. I have completely cut down my subscribing list, they always rope you in with offers, promotions and new products. If it's too difficult to get rid of them all just unsubscribe from the ones you aren't that fussed about. I only subscribe to Asos and Topshop now because they are the two brand I consistently buy from. I find adding items you like to your wishlist (or in my case a pin board) and if you can't stop thinking about it then after sometime then you can buy it, this cuts down that impulse reaction of something you like and then go off shortly after. Finally, bringing this paragraph to an end, remember to treat yourself every now and again. Trust me this is important otherwise you could end up with one big haul on yours hands. You have been so good you don't want to ruin all your hard work by catching up for lost time all in one go.

I think before making any purchases you need to know the ins and outs of your wardrobe. I know I can often forget about certain items in my there and much to my delight I find gems tucked away or crushed between two other items. I think to always keep everything fresh in your mind you need to mix up how you present things in your wardrobe, it can give you a fresh set of eyes. It means you are always looking at what you have which will help curb the need for more things. This process is also a great way to filter out items you don't wear or that don't 'bring you joy' as all the minimalist books advise. Maybe trying pushing things you've worn recently to the back and switch in some old favourites to fall in love with all over again. 

An important tip in today's society is to use inspiration as a way to wear things differently not to encourage you to buy more. Yes, consumerism is a problem and there are individuals that contribute to it, but we are also guilty of absorbing this information and using it as an excuse for our behaviour. If you don't want  to be a part of this throw away attitude you need to change your perspective. Rather than buying more, think how can I get more out of what I have. Be savvy. Wear things in different ways and outside of what they were intended. Once you get a eye for this the opportunities are endless and the creativity and fun part of fashion truly begins.

Judgement plays a huge role in decision making. You need to ask yourself "Do I need this or do I want it?". Once you define the two it is much easier to put things back and not feel full of disappointment. A good way to keep your self upbeat is to make a note of your savings and spendings. When I look at my outgoings I much more fulfilled with the thought of my money going on memories. Instead of looking with horror at how much I spent on Oxford Street, I look and think about the nice time I had with however I was with. Not one inch of regret is in my body and that keeps me on this path of shopping less. Plus it's been nice to pick up a few things I never had the money for before because I was buying so often. The shift from quantity to quality is in full force.
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