Monday, 10 April 2017

London Cafe Series: Bronte Restaurant, Charing Cross

The latest addition to my cafe series is the Bronte Restaurant. In the stunning location of Trafalgar Square, not only can you tick off a tourist hot spot but enjoy a lovely lunch too. It was already on my list to include in this series, then after being featured in Made In Chelsea it went straight to the top of my list to review next. 

My sister and I met for one o'clock, well I was punctual (as usual) and she was running late, also normal. I sat down ordering myself drink to pass the time whilst taking in the decor. The spherical lights, pink arm chairs and hat display immediately caught my eye. The attention to detail did not stop there with gold sided tables, mint pastel plates and a light coral bar adorned with darker specs. After being seated it crossed my mind how much my parents would love this place, already thinking when I can book us in for an evening of fine dining! Mostly known for its sea food it would be right up their street and maybe even yours. 

My sister finally made her way in to her seat with me hurrying her to scan through the menu as quickly as possible because I was starving by this point. My very berry smoothie had already arrived, I was already making my way through that and already decided what I was going to eat from looking at the menu online prior to the trip. My sister not feeling overly hungry opted for the fruit salad, snooze. I made up for the two of us getting the French toast with a topping of berries, yes complete overload with my drink. I hadn't had this in what felt like forever so I thought it would be a nice change for me. Although with so many options on their all day brunch I was counting on my sister to be more adventurous so I could have a bite.

I felt much more settled with her presence as it was starting to look like I had been stood up, which started our conversation off in fits of giggles. Before we knew it our food was on the table with the waiter topping us up with water from his copper jug. I was almost too impatient to snap the food for this post because of the heavenly sweet scent coming from in front of me. The bread was thick but incredibly light at the same time. As I stated earlier it was topped with a selection of berries. It also had maple syrup for that extra sweetness and cream to keep it refreshing for the earlier hours of the morning. The fruit salad was good, offering a real selection of all our favourites. 

Overall we both really enjoyed our time there and she agreed on bringing the rents with us next time. I felt a small sense of achievement that she has been in longer than myself but I'm introducing her to new places she hasn't been yet, not bad for only being here four months! I would highly recommend if you are in central this would be the ideal stop for a fun filled day. In comparison to my others this is more sophisticated than 'hip' and would be perfect if you had a specific occasion to celebrate. With this lovely weather you could also opt to sit outside and watch London go by.
I hope you are still enjoying this series, only a few left to share.


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  1. I got a chance to have food their on my friend's birthday. The food was delicious and services were amazing. Now I never miss having food there if visiting London.


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