Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Real Thing vs. Designer Dupes

I have noticed now more than ever the high street making a number of designer dupes. I'm constantly lusting over high end products but just coming out of university with a heap of debt (I still refuse to admit to myself is there) and losing my patience of trying to get on the career ladder, I for one see the appeal of the inspired designs price tag. However as the line between the real thing and the dupe is blurred are we saying it's okay to out-right rip off those creatives?
There is two sides to every story and I think the high street and designer brands deserve an equal representation. So first off lets start from the top. I think for anyone with an interest in fashion is aware that most, if not all inspiration comes from the runway. Each year we wait apprehensively for the new collections to be revealed across Paris, New York, Milan and of course London. This gives us an indication of what to come in the next season, always one step ahead of the game.  With different designers from couture brands such as Chanel and Dior to upcoming names such as Emilia Wickstead there is a hub of beautiful collections that I am certainly in awe of every time it is fashion week. 

As a creator myself I acknowledge the amount of time, effort and passion that is filtered in to each and every stitch. Whatever the starting point of the design concept, a piece of art, a print, a building, you name it they put pen to paper (or maybe in this age they used something more digital like illustrator) and made something unique. In times like this it is a real struggle to be original and different when it seems so many things have already been done before. Even if there has been a slight adjustment to from something in their archive made to work in modern day, it's something on-brand and innovative.

After watching documentaries like 'Dior and I' and 'The Director: An Evolution' you can see just what it takes to run these kind of fashion houses. Having a few higher end pieces scattered though my wardrobe I do see the difference between them and my high street garments. I see a high attention to the detail through panelling, lining and general fit. I see a well made piece that doesn't lose shape after a few washes or that I will get rid of after a few wears. Mostly I see credit where it's due, it does cross my mind when I buy I 'wannabe' product that I'm funding someone or a company to basically copy.
Don't get me wrong I love the high street and what it has to offer. I think it's great that at times when my budget doesn't stretch to high end prices I'm able to find something similar that I can cherish just as much. I especially love mixing the two together for a well balanced outfit. I don't see the need to spend a fortune on trend led pieces that you will only wear a few times before it's seen as 'so last year'. 

I think the main selling point is in fact the price. The attitude most hold (including myself at times) is why would I spend thousands when I can get something identical for less. I love investing in experiences like travel or just generally getting out and about. If I spend a lot on a pair of shoes or the Burberry mac I just purchased then I feel this guilt of what else that money could have gone on or gone towards. 

Another point I feel to raise is if the designers are charging such a high price point for a bag say, and high street so low, what and who does the difference effect? I mean yes there maybe a difference in fabric such as leather to leather effect. However we've all heard the stories about unsafe working environments, underpaid/overworked staff and tragedies such as Rana Plaza. Although steps are being taken to improve these unfair circumstances it's hard to know which companies to trust. There is a lack of transparency in companies to know exactly where your clothes come from. You only have to go through your wardrobe and look at the 'Made in' labels to see the diverse range of countries used for manufacturing.

In conclusion I am guilty of buying dupes as you can see from this post, with my quilted chain bag and two tone pointed shoes, both undeniable Chanel-like. As much as I would like to always purchase the real thing sometimes my purse just says no and I'm glad there is almost always an alternative to satisfy that craving. Once I'm older and hopefully living a more comfortable lifestyle it will be nice to not have to even think about getting dupes for my most lusted after products, nothing like a good splurge on something you love. Chanel classic flap my aim is to have you at age 25 and by typing this out it's almost a vow you can all hold me to. I've got four years to work my butt off until what will certainly be one of the most rewarding days of my life.
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  1. The Zara shoes are very much like the Chanel slingbacks! I like to mix and match between high street and designer. Generally I will choose high street clothing and pair with designer accessories!

    1. Crazy similar, I couldn't believe it when I saw them! We sound very similar, I do exactly the same x


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