Monday, 29 August 2016

Tartelette Palette Review

I'm a lover of eye shadow palettes and the thought of the tartelette palette had me excited from the get go. Having never tried Tarte before and hearing such great reviews I was sold, the packaging might have had something to do with it too...
As you may have seen from my Sephora haul over on my Youtube channel, I did a first impressions of the products I picked up including this baby (watch here). In the video I used the purples where as testing out for this post I used the brown shades as I begin to work my way through the colours on offer. I was drawn in mostly due to the fact the shadows are all matte which is very rare for palettes and something I wanted to add to my collection.

The packaging is nothing short of beautiful. The purple ombre casing gives you an indication of the shadows inside. The gold base and sides give a really luxe feel and obviously makes it even more photogenic. The fact Tarte products are cruelty free is a massive reason as to why I wondered over to their counter and everything else is just a bonus.
So the shadows themselves are such wearable shades consisting of nudes, pinks and purples. There are some deeper and darker shades in there as well which makes the perfect smokey eye. For me I think you can create so many looks that can be really soft in the day and then add something like 'fashionista' the black to take you in to the evening. The shades are very pigmented coming out very well on my skin tone, even the lighter colours so that's good. I think it will work for so many people as the shades are mostly natural. They blend well on your eye but also into what you mix it with in the crease or inner/outer corner. The colour seems to stay in place and at the same level all day which is a positive. Even with my oily lids they still have a matte finish. 

Overall the amount I'm using this palette makes it 100% worth purchasing because the money per wear is unreal. I would recommend it anyone and everyone the colours are timeless and easy to use that I'm sure even my mum and granny would love it!
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  1. All the colours look so wearable! The packaging is cute too!


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