Friday, 3 June 2016

Wedding Season Is In Full Swing | What I Wore

Wedding season has crept in on us really quickly and before I knew it the invites were flooding through the door and the special dates placed on my calendar. This wedding to be the first of many and it certainly set the standard high. 
I knew for a while I had this wedding coming up and had that in mind when I was browsing online and instore. I didn't panic that I wasn't really finding anything until we had a week to go and still no sign of something I liked. At this point as you can imagine I was franticly looking and was happy to settle for just about anything. Why is it whenever you want something you can't find it and when you aren't looking there is loads of options? The day before (cutting it fine) I took one last attempt in the Bullring to find something which was when I came across this skirt. I loved the black and blue palm print, the double slit at the front and the sheer bottom half of the design. I had been meaning to get one of these wrap bodies for a while as the design is very flattering and thought this would be the perfect time to pick one up, matching the black colours together.

As I got dressed in the changing room all of the wedding rules crossed my mind, no white, no black, don't go too skimpy, don't be too casual, just to name a few. I was panicked thinking I was breaking the black and white rule and thinking in my head would it be okay if I mixed the two together. Was there an exception because I also had blue in the design? Were the double slits too daring for a family event? Melt downs were happening, calls to mum were made. In the end I thought it's the best thing I've found and actually turned out perfectly. 
In the beautiful settings of Northbrooke Park the wedding and reception took place. Despite the rain the location was undeniably stunning, with flower filled gardens and ornate interiors. The colour scheme of purples, pinks and whites complimented each other well in the flowers and decorations for the venue. The musician played three instruments from the moment we sat in our seats. The alto and tenor saxophone and occasional flute was the perfect music to set the scene and was a pleasure to listen to throughout the day. I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with family I haven't seen in years from living on different sides of the world and I'm glad this celebration of love is what brought us together. I would like to wish the beautiful bride Sabrina and her new husband Zavia all the best in their new stage of life.

What I Wore:
Body | Topshop
Skirt | Topshop
Shoes | Boohoo
Bag | Primark

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