Monday, 6 June 2016

Nail Subscription With MeeBox

I love doing my nails as you all know and when MeeBox got in touch and informed me about their subscription box I was excited to give it a go. Each month there is a new theme and this one happened to be Rihanna whose style I love. See what I thought about the RiRi Mee edition below!
Before receiving the box I wasn't really sure what to expect so anything that arrived would have been a complete surprise. I was happy to hear the company had been set up by three female friends and I their story give the story an instant likability. I praise anyone who can turn their passion in this case for nails and make it in to their career - who doesn't want to do something they love? With friends must be even better! The fact I knew I had three female bosses picking my nail varnishes each month is reassuring and they certainly didn't disappoint

In the box was some beautiful products which I was eager to test and play with straight away. The first thing I noticed was the OPI Nail envy nail strengthener from it's recognisable branding from my own personal collection. I was excited to see this product in particular because I know with grab balls, graduation, my birthday and wedding season in full swing my nails will be under a lot of pressure. I have already changed my nails twice this week alone so I'm sure the strengthening factors of this polish will help.
Another thing that caught my eye was the Zora nail polish due to the colour. I mean the satin finish professional lacquer is one of the most beautiful, neutral, pastel colour I've seen and is one I can see becoming my favourite for spring summer, will take something special to take this off my nails. My second favourite colour is the 'Higitis Figitis' black sparkly shade. I haven't worn black nail polish since school but since testing this one it re-ignited an old favourite. I like how the glitter inside helps to lighten the shade and adds to the gloss. I love the WAH London 'Love My Team' red shade but it's such a bold colour I think I will only be wearing this on special occasions or around the festive season! This is one of the great things about this box though it pushes you out of your comfort zone and so many different shades and brands in one box.

As if all that wasn't amazing enough they also popped in two sheets of cuticle tattoos. I have been seeing this in all of the magazines recently and I think they look awesome. Being someone who takes an interest in nail trends and art I am excited to have these in my collection. They also replicate Rihanna's actual tattoos so I see what they did there and I like it! My other accessory was studs which are super cool pointy studs. The combination of the two would look amazing for festivals.
The products included retail at:
Zoya 'Leah' £10.50
RAD Cuticle Tattoos £4.50
WAH London 'Love My Team' £9.00
Danglefoot 'Higitis Figitis' £6.75 
Sparkly Nail Art Studs £1.50
OPI 'Nail Envy' Nail Strengthener £2.95

Total: £35.20

And the best part is the box is only £20.00 a month with free delivery in the UK. With each month you are guaranteed three polishes and some tools or treatments. Overall super happy with my RiRi Mee x MeeBox already curious what next months theme will be. I would like to thank the MeeBox girls for sending their amazing products my way to share with you, which I'm sure you will love if you come here for my nail art posts.


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