Sunday, 8 May 2016

60's Inspired Nail Art

As you all loved my last nail art post so much I thought I would do another on for you which is sixties inspired. You can obviously do this with any colours of your choice but I went for a nude and pink as an example to show.
You'll need:
Base coat
Base colour
Design colour
Top coat
A steady hand ;)

First of all just paint your nails as normal which is simply enough, I used Barry M Lychee. This is a good choice of base, I would definitely opt for a lighter colour as it makes it easier to show the colour difference. Once you have done as many coats as you need (for me it was two) to make it opaque you can move on the the next step. 

For the second colour which for me was Country Tweed by True Brit. You want to place your brush at the bottom half of your nails slightly higher than the base colour. After this you want to do sweeping brush motions to the left corner and then repeat on the right side, then fill in the middle section. You want to go right up to the corners over lapping the colour already there. The steadier your hand the neater the finish, which I know can be difficult. Just try to copy the shape of you nail as much as you can but in a smaller version.
Hope you like the end result, make sure you tag me in the pictures if you do it!



  1. There's no way I could pull this off, but it looks great on you!



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