Thursday, 12 May 2016

Four Products I Love From Amie Skincare

I think if I was to bring out a skincare range they would look a lot like Amie's we have a very similar sense of style. The colours are just beautiful and they sure do brighten up my skincare routine. I have been using these four products for a while now and wanted to share my thoughts.
I always like to hear the background stories about products and why they were created and this one didn't disappoint. At the beginning this was simply a mother trying to help her daughter with her problematic skin which later developed in to something much more. The natural beauty products are targeted at people like myself who have sensitive skin as they are free from any harsh chemicals. Amie is actually french for "friend" and hopes to help us feel more confident in our skin. The packaging is in a beautiful pastel colour palette, I mean I couldn't have opted for better colours myself. They are certainly something I would pick up on the skincare aisle. The cute floral illustrations just top it off for me, I honestly adore the packaging. I know some may think it's marketed towards a younger audience< but I do believe this is suitable for a wide age range.

Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash
This is the first step I usually do once it comes to taking my make-up off at the end of the day. I massage the product over my face and with warm water rinse the make-up away. Although this doesn't remove everything it is the perfect first step to get rid of the majority of what is on your face. The product is pale pink in colour and glides with ease over the skin strengthening the gentle side promoted. It has Mayblossom and elderflower which both naturally aim to combat oiliness and prevent blemishes, yay for me! I feel like all I bang on about in skincare posts is my oily skin but it is something that really effects me. I have to admit currently my skin has been very clear apart from some scaring which over time is fading. There is also orange blossom and raspberry which tone and refresh your skin. It's a very pleasant product to use and does exactly what it says on the tin leaving your face feeling soft and smooth.

New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish
This is a new product that has recently been added to the range making me even more excited to try it. As for pores I'm relatively lucky as all of my work has to be focused mostly on my nose. This is the area for me which needs this products attention the most. As this is an exfoliator I don't use this as often as the others, it's usually once or twice a week as suggested. By working the tiny rice granules in to the skin the product will begin work to lift away dirt, oil and impurities on the surface and deeper. The granules are small but strong enough to make an impact and leave your skin feeling amazing. This one includes Mango too - yum!
Petal Perfect Gently Cleansing Micellar Water
To remove the last bit of make-up after facial wash I use the micellar water. I have spoken about how much I like the practicality of the cleansing waters previously they are something I've loved to use since they hit the shelves and this is no different. It's the most refreshing product probably due to the rose petal and argan extracts which gives you this instant lift. With it being able to remove face, lips and eyes if I'm having a lazy evening or a very busy one then this is a great product to use solo as well. I apply this on to a cotton pad gently sweeping across and around my face, repeating if necessary. I've found it can be a little stingy around the eyes but apart from that I love it!

Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser
When this arrived my day was made. I've been on the hunt for a matte daily moisturiser for a while now and this has answered my prayers. It helps to control my oil and shine but also is able to still be hydrating and soft. It absorbs into the skin very quickly making it ideal for morning use before make up with no time set backs. The finish is matte but not so much so that your face looks flat or lacks a glow in all the right places. There is defiantly something magical about this product and I think this could be my favourite from what I have tried. 

Even better the products are all vegan, vegetarian and cruelty free, this is something I really admire in the company. Although the products are scented which I was concerned about for sensitive skin it was nothing to worry about at all as I had no irritation whatsoever. I also really love the fragrance the products have, makes them even more dreamy to apply! Overall I would defiantly recommend you trying out Amie skincare if you are looking to update your skincare routine.
I just want to thank Fiona Parkhouse for chatting to me and informing me of her products and sending over samples for me to review and share with you all - honestly could not think of a brand that works better with my own. 


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