Sunday, 24 January 2016

How To Balance Life and Blogging

I'm not 100% sure how I've managed to keep my blog going whilst having to do my dissertation at uni, but I have. Thought I would share some tips and advice on what has helped me along the way.

1) Plan
The most important thing with blogging is planning. I pencil in important holidays around the year and upcoming opportunities I have to blog/vlog something. It is important to have content that not only fits your life but works in to others, for example it's around christmas time so some festive posts would prove popular. That means whether it's something as simple as reminding yourself to charge your vlogging camera, taking pictures for the next post or typing up your opinion ready to upload, you know exactly what you are doing. It's much nicer being one step of the game! When I had time off over the summer I used it to get ahead meaning that I had almost a month's worth of posts when I went back to uni already done because I knew I would be busy. Not everyone has the time off but using your time wisely is the key to keep your blog going.  

2) Organise
I have a plan set out in the style of a calendar format. It has the whole month on show and what I hope to post according to each individual day. By organising it in this way I can swap things around if something isn't ready but also see what is complete and what is left to be done. I love organising things, I often go a little overboard with colour co-ordination depending on whether it is a video or post. I also use bold if it is still need to be done, strikethrough if completed and say I have written it or taken the photo's it is normal as it is partially done. You don't have to use this it can be done in a way that is unique to you and how you would like it but this works well for me.
3) Post
Although getting the post itself ready can be time consuming, it's the getting round to posting it sometimes that I get caught up with. If I'm in a rush in the morning I often find myself uploading it at weird points in the day or late at night, which isn't consistent and means your readers may miss it. You can schedule posts to go live for you without having to manually do it yourself. So if you are busy at work or at uni in my case things can still run smoothly over on the blog or your channel.

4) Share
Sharing your latest updates takes more time than you think, this is my most unprepared area, I have to admit. You want to make sure that your post is seen by sharing it on social channels it means you can raise awareness of what the latest uploads involve. Staying social on your platforms is important as you want to interact with your viewers as much as possible and keep their attention. By posting frequently this is a good way to do so, although I'm sure you are aware it doesn't all have to be pushing content as they want to know you as a person as well.

I know life can sometimes be more challenging and there are times when you physically can't blog, tweet and whatever else necessary. We all have those moments so make sure you don't stress yourself out if you don't get round to it, your little space on the internet will be here forever. 

Life behind the lens can be fun sharing something you love and are passionate about but if you aren't feeling that then don't pressure yourself to. Content you put out that you have worked hard on and you love will speak for itself. Take time out if you need to, sometimes a taking a break can provide a whole new lease of life. A fresh set of eyes can go a long way.


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