Friday, 22 January 2016

Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes

I have been wanting these brushes since they launched a few months ago. My sister kindly gave me this new collection set with the 'essentials' and clutch for christmas. I thought it would almost be a crime to not update you on how I'm getting along.
Sam and Nic have certainly out done themselves with the presentation. The luxe varying metal finishes are beyond beautiful and make them such a pleasure to use on my face everyday. This set comes with gold, silver and rose gold (the latter being every bloggers favourite. 

If you are already equipped with the normal range you may be wondering whether the investment is worth it. Some of the differences include an added weight to the brushes and ridging of the handle to avoid the rolling when laid flat. This also helps your grip when using them to apply your makeup. The bristles are incredible soft as the slight across and over your skin, so dreamy. I think those things were enough for me to notice a dramatic difference between the brushes. They are more expensive and for some more of a splurge piece however they won't disappoint and getting them in a set like this helps to reduce the price.

In this kit you get three brushes which they have been kindly picked out and named the essentials. Which you can bring on the go with you in the clutch (after some strategical positioning). 
103 | Angled Powder
This brush is exclusive to this set so you can't actually get it solo, making this starter kit even more precious. It is the largest head available yet and works well for the bigger less concentrated application such as powder. The angled head also makes it very useful to work into the contours of your face. As the brush is much bigger it does all the blending work for you and makes it almost impossible to leave any harsh lines visible.

200 | Oval Shadow
You also gain a shadow brush which I personally feel is best for the all over lid application, agreed by real techniques themselves. With the full and round design it easily covers the lid and the long bristles enable a soft finish when blending.

300 | Tapered Blush
I was yet to have a blush brush in my collection as I don't tend to use it very often, however it works as well for bronzer or other similar products. There is no denying that it fits perfectly on to the checks bones making it far more simple to apply, make-up expert or not. 

Overall I couldn't be happier and I'm very thankful for my sister taking all of the hints I had been dropping! I do hope to grow my collection and I will without a doubt be adding more of the bold metals to my stash. 



  1. I love the look of these brushes!

    1. To die for aren't they? Most beautiful ones going me thinks!x

  2. Always see these when I'm browsing in Boots and think they're the prettiest brushes! May have to check out that eyeshadow brush, the shape of it looks great.

    Freya |

    1. Me too it's been killing me for weeks, perks of having a sister who picks up subtle hints!x


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