Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sleek Face Contour Kit

I mentioned this in a vlog a while back and the photographs have been patiently sat in my drafts since waiting for me to inject my opinion. Well today is that day! I was introduced to this product from one of my uni friends who is really in to make-up. I asked her to list her three beauty must-haves that she couldn't live without, this was one of them so I thought I would try it.

It wasn't that long a go that I discovered contouring myself, and with the big boom of product available in the beauty industry we were certainly spoilt for choice. I turned myself from a moon face to the queen of sculpted and never looked back since. This had to be one of the moments I realised the power of make-up and all the amazing things it has to offer.
I have tried multiple products in this area a lot of them being duo's like this one. One side provides a contour shade for the hollows of your cheek bones, down the sides of your nose, in your temples and across your forehead and then finally, along your jawline. The good thing about sleek is that the contour actually matches my skin tone perfectly, differing from others that blend into my foundation. 

The other side is the highlight which you place on the high points of your face. Tops of your cheeks, brow bone, cupids bow are the usual places to add the glow. Sleek sure does slay pigment! The smallest bit of highlight goes a long way and help to bring shade and light back to your face. I know some people say wearing this everyday is a bit much but otherwise I think you can look a bit flat and unnatural? Surely having your face all one colour is less natural looking? Maybe that't just me, each to their own.

Having it altogether in one palette is a really time saver as well as helping the bank. It comes with a mirror in the lid so you can top up if you need to on the go. I believe there are also different shade varieties available so if this isn't then there is a lighter and darker option available. Win win for all skin colours! 


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