Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dining At Gigi's Mayfair

After the matinee performance at the theatre my family and I dined at Gigi's restaurant in London and I thought I would share my experience with you!
Once entering I was in awe of the decor, with stacked fashion/art/architecture books, the worlds most beautiful ceiling, blue velvet seats and opulent silver cutlery. I was in my element, it just felt right. Once seated we ordered some of their best Prosecco which was topped up before we could even finish a glass. This was very exciting, not having to pour my own drink although I completely lost count of how much I was having! Then it was the part of deciding what to have...
Whilst making our choices we were provided with sea salt bread with an oil dip, this certainly opened my appetite as I looked at the menu. Being vegetarian I wasn't surprised by the limiting options as this seems to be a re-occuring thing in such restaurants. However both my sister and I had the vegetable risotto to start and both agreed it's the best, most flavoursome we've ever tried. The sauce was delicious and the sweet pepper flavouring shone through. My mother ordered the caesar salad and my niece the beetroot and goats cheese to start which they both enjoyed. Portion wise ours was rather filling especially with a further two courses ahead.
For mains my mother and niece had the salmon in a creamy sauce with peas and mushroom side. My sister an I on the other hand opted for the spinach and ricotta filled (I think) ravioli in a tomato sauce. This filling of this was what one could only describe as perfect however I do feel it was slightly undercooked or the pasta was slightly thick for my liking but still lovely nonetheless. 

By this point as you can imagine after two carb packed meals I didn't have much room left for any other desert but the mango sorbet. This was the perfect palette cleanser and was light to finish our evening, just what I needed! The staff were attentive and the setting was nothing short of pure sophistication.


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