Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Afternoon Tea At Castle Ashby

I recently went for afternoon tea with my family. It's something I've wanted to do for along time and I'm glad it is something I could cross of my bucket list and what's even better is the fact I can share it all with you.
Although as usual I was feeling slightly under the weather I wasn't going to let that hinder my excitement. The countryside drive was rather refreshing and the hole in my stomach patiently waited to be filled. After arriving I was disappointed to find that the afternoon tea was no longer available to have in the castle like it was previously, although the setting was still very beautiful by the gardens it doesn't have the same feel. 

After reserving a table prior to arriving we were seated at our table. The room was painted in a summer peach tone which was slightly different to the grey clouds lurking around outside. Despite that being situated next to the garden actually proved to be a slight issue as soon as the food was placed at the table. A slight wasp issue had us up and down from our seats and struggling to protect the so far untouched jam. This was slightly annoying but was obviously out of their hands and just bad luck in our case.
One thing I will praise them on is that fact that they catered for me and my dietary requirements. Being vegetarian is catered to everywhere but I often find people are still a bit slow on the Gluten Free side of things. I only recently discovered this and my love of all the cake, pasta, pizza etc you can only imagine I was left slightly heart broken. After trying and testing a few different things now I'm pleasantly surprised at how yummy things can still be including my personal stack of treats just for me! I also had a green tea and also a flavoured tea which certainly helped clear up my cold for a little while.

Like most the topic of discussion was how everyone pronounces the word scone and a general catch up on the Tagons. Forget keeping up with the Kardashian's, I think we should have our own show called "Tag Along With The Tagons" - You heard it here first. 

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