Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Audrey Hepburn | Portraits Of An Icon Exhibition

After watching Breakfast At Tiffany's a few years ago I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn, she has to be the most beautiful photogenic person I have ever laid my eyes on. As you can imagine hearing there was an exhibition I had to go and dragged my girls along with me!

I often attend exhibitions I've always been fascinated about learning more about the arts, world of fashion and also particular individuals. Audrey Hepburn as I have stated above certainly tickles my fancy. Her unique beauty, stunning fashion sense and talent in her movies truly does capture my heart.
 The National Portrait Gallery currently have an exhibition showing a snapshot of her life. Starting from her youth in which she took a particular interest in ballet. The ballet is beautiful and I can see why she was so fond of the activity myself, however I'm very grateful of the fact she fell in to her role as an actress. Available to see were behind the scenes photographs of some of my most loved films including Miss Hepburn herself. There is nothing like watching these classic films, even with all the editing and magical things the film industry can do now for me they will never compare. They are up there in my favourites, one of my most recent watches being "Funny Face" there is a song all about thinking pink which as you are probably already thinking is most likely about my life!

Although these are all things I appreciate along with all of her magazine covers on display they also touch on her charity work in her later life. I think being famous sounds great but I think what makes a true celebrity is what they choose to do with it. It's important to give back and her endeavours defiantly did and what kept her so grounded. That I believe not only shows outer beauty but also inner, that is what is more important.
Sorry I couldn't show you more but photography wasn't allowed like most exhibitions but one won't hurt. Sorry not sorry National Portrait Gallery! Although the exhibition was on the small side completely worth attending if you have a small time slot to fill whilst in London. 



  1. Ha Sorry not Sorry. :)

    Will def be going to this if I have any choice in the matter.


    1. Wish I could've shared more. Let me know what you think if you do go!x

  2. Omgosh I adore her! I did my dissertation on her! I have to beck this out x


    1. Wow, I'm about to do my dissertation, any advice?x


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