Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day Out In London With The Girls!

Loving doing vlogs at the minute so thought I would film my trip to London for one of my friends (Lucy's) 21st birthday. 
We had lunch a Zizzi's, best gluten free pizza I've ever had! Then headed to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Audrey Hepburn Exhibition. Finishing the day with multiple cocktails at All Bar One, they were on offer... say no more.



  1. Sorry for bother but can you make like a week of vlogs about your uni? I want to study FBP but i want to know more about the course, the teachers, about BCU and your uni mates. This will help me a lot. Can you make it?

    1. I can certainly do more posts about uni, I'm currently in the works of planning a new series all about my third year and the experience of it so keep your eyes peeled for that!

      However I can't talk much about my lecturers as that is a breach of private information unfortunately and I'm not sure they would like me to discuss them on my blog. Same goes for my friends at uni not all of them feel completely comfortable being featured in posts so they are a little more tricky.

      I am returning to uni at the end of September and currently on my summer holidays so that is when uni talk tends to pop up in a few more of my posts :)


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