Sunday, 23 August 2015

Adidas Superstars

Well I never, my secret is out. It's true, I do own trainers that aren't for the gym and shock horror I like it.

Never in a million years did I think I would become a wearer of trainers on a regular basis. In fact I don't think I was the only one thinking I was going slightly crazy! When I told my friends they literally laughed out loud in my face. All sorts of other things were flying out of their mouths including "I can't imagine you in trainers", "This will be so strange" and "Aine Tagon in trainers never thought I would see the day". I hope this expresses to you all how very odd and out of character this is for me... if you hadn't already guessed with the amount I don't stop talking about heels and frequently wear them on my fashion posts.

Basically as I feel I have mentioned previously and probably will again after this I've been loving Pinterest. Yanin (Pretty Sickly or I Dress Myself, whichever you know her as - blogger/youtuber) was my first inspiration with her cool and edgy style. Not being cool or edgy I didn't even think twice about the idea. After browsing and seeing how versatile they were and the fact I was desperately in need of a flat shoes for my recent trip to Ireland I caved.

Do you know what? I couldn't be happier, I really think this could be a changing point in my life and style. They are so comfortable and my feet are getting a well deserved break from my heel collection. Does that mean I will never wear heels again? Of course not but I'm taking baby steps (in this case for me it feels more like a leap) but sometimes you really do just have to take a step out of your comfort zone because it really can pay off. 



  1. I remember when these were suuuper popular about 10 years ago (I'm 24)... everyone had them, but they were worn totally casually, not to give an edge to a feminine outfit. :)

    I love these cos they're completely white, looking forward to your future outfit posts with them! :)


    1. Yeah I remember too, glad the have made a comeback!x


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