Friday, 21 August 2015

Mini Skirt And T-Shirt

Transitional weather outfits have started and this is one of my first to share with you, can anyone else believe the summer months are drawing to an end? Or are you like me and just pretending not to admit it!
This is a look on Pinterest that I fell in love with and had to try to re-create and attempt to look just as fabulous, what do we think? I don't have the long blonde flowing hair but I think I have the outfit down to a T.

I mean I know what your thinking what's so special about this look and why did I feel the need to share it or maybe you aren't and you are seeing what I see when I look at this combination. A Mini skirt and t-shirt definitely isn't a new combination, in fact it's been around since the sixties! The simplicity of all these staples makes pure bliss. This for me makes the best weekend, everyday casual look. I'm always trying to nail how to look casual cool and I think this is it.

The balance of different styles sits together in harmony, who knew they would all work so well? The femininity with the lilac mini shirt and bow finish to my bag is given a tough spin with the leather jacket and a sporty vibe with my new kicks.

What I Wore:
Jacket | H&M
Tee | New Look
Skirt | Topshop
Trainers | Adidas 
Ring | Pandora
Bag | Kate Spade



  1. I love the outfit, I wish I could pull off short skirts. Maybe one day...
    But until then, my endless search for a nice leather jacket continues... should I go for faux-leather jacket until I save up for real leather one from dreams, gold or silver zippers, minimal or lots of details... oh god. :D I like yours, is it recent? Real or faux leather? :)


    1. This one is faux but as soon as I can afford to I will certainly invest, such a worthwhile piece and I will feel no guilt!x


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