Saturday, 4 April 2015

Nick Waplington X Alexander McQueen | Working Process

I recently visited Tate Britain museum to find a hidden gem of an exhibition. There is a lot of talk around Alexander McQueen recently with his Savage Beauty exhibition currently at the V&A which I'm yet to visit but I'm here to sing the unsung praises of the behind the scenes photographs taken from his 2009 AW collection.
As many of you probably already know I study fashion however I am more on the business scale of the spectrum currently. I have always had an interest in design but was always confronted of the fear of not being 'original' enough. I would say my creative side is the stronger side but being a designer is something when deciding what I wanted to do seemed more daunting.

The photographs in the exhibition captured the process from start to finish of the collection and it was interesting to see the late designer at work. I think sometimes doing fashion makes me very open minded to others style and I really appreciate the work put into collections like this even if its not to my own personal taste. With his haute couture work being very avant-garde it was eye-opening to see the inspiration and where it all started. 

Taking inspiration from such a selection it is clear to see how he came up with such unique designs. My favourite room in the exhibition was the last which was the show itself. The room was black and the images had lightening in place behind them which made them stand out and really suited the images captured. I would really recommend going to this exhibition if you get a chance.
Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside but I'm sure there will be some available if you want to have a peak.


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