Friday, 3 April 2015

Heeled Chelsea Boots

I think these have to be my most worn shoe of all time... therefore it's only right that they deserve it's very own post. These up coming weeks I will be going through my shoe collection with you and why each and every pair is special to me... self confessed shoe-a-holic here!
They may have seen better days but I kind of like a good scuff on a boot, makes them appear more edgy. For a girl that's not considered as 'cool' they make me feel half way there! They are so simple that they just go with almost everything. After wearing them none stop I have actually repurchased these twice now because when they are on their way to the grave I have felt lost without them. They are the perfect height and I find them very comfy, my go to boot for sure. Plus you can't go wrong with a black boot - timeless.
Heeled Chelsea Boots | Boohoo



  1. Love those heeled boots! It is true you can't go wrong with a black boot. I have like 6 pairs of black boots and to me, they're all special and different.

    1. Nice to know that I'm not just a crazy shoe lady!x


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