Monday, 6 April 2015

My Issue With Magazines

It crossed my mind when I picked up the February issue of Vogue there was something different. I was instantly drawn by the beautiful Jourdan Dunn gracing the cover but secondly was the fact I actually felt slightly represented in fashion magazines for once. No I'm not comparing myself to her, Joan Smalls or Naomi Campbell for that matter but the fact is Vogue and many other magazines seem to lack representation for the variety of women in the world.
Being a mix of Irish and Jamaican which I would say is a pretty rare combination and leaves me some what feeling very unique. I'm proud of my roots and my beautiful loving parents and I never shy away from the fact. I enjoy embracing both cultures and in some ways I feel it has made me a more open minded person. Being lucky enough to visit both countries frequently I feel at home in both but also here and that I think is something within itself.

In Ireland I love the escapism I feel there. With my grandmothers home being an hour in from town you can imagine how peaceful it is there. Whenever I go I don't think I really appreciate the beauty of the fields surrounding me especially living in such a built up area. Although this may lead you to believe its some what isolating it's the perfect destination to clear your head (apart from the farm animals, the cows can drive you insane at points).  I love the way that although everything is far away all I need is right there, my family are only moments away and its true about the Irish - have to be the friendliest people ever. 

On the other hand I enjoy the chilled lifestyle of Jamaica. Well the sun, the beaches, urm - EVERYTHING, the real question is what's not to love? It really does look like the pictures and I also enjoy going just because I think that's the only time my dad ever really gets excited about going somewhere, home. I think that's where my R&B music taste spring boarded from and my guilty pleasure of Sean Paul.

Anyway my issue is it's probably not just me that feels like this, I understand that there is so many different women out there that its hard to represent them all but I really do struggle sometimes to see even an attempt being made to make everyone feel included. For me fashion is supposed to be about expressing yourself, being an individual and doing your thing. Not one fits all which magazines seem to latch on to for sense of security.
I feel this is part of the reason blogs are becoming so popular as magazines just aren't making the cut. We want something to connect with; a person pouring out their emotions - happy/sad/angry anything but this perfect lifestyle portrayed, personal stories to share that could help someone or make someones day and something which seems relatable/realistic. Don't get me wrong I love magazines, they often are my go to when I'm in need of inspiration. I'm also not one of those 'real women' people as I also think the models/celebrities which appear in them are very beautiful and I sometimes envy there hair, perfectly toned stomach, flawless faces and other materialistic things just like every other girl. I just wish at times it was more of an equal playing field because there are some really beautiful women out there no matter what there size, age, race, sexuality is and I believe they to deserve to be in these magazines just as much.

I'm aware there are steps being made and this is all something which pleases me as I would like to think when I have children of my own they feel empowered and included. The perception of what beauty means is changing, with models like Chantelle Brown-Young being embraced for their differences, I can't wait to see the future for were fashion and beauty campaigns could end up.

What do my wardrobers think? You with me?


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