Tuesday, 7 April 2015

'Arty Sweatshirt Off Duty Look

Summer, summer, summer time. It really look like spring has arrived, doesn't it? Just a very sunny day, it was nice while it  lasted. As I sit here writing this post it's absolutely tipping it down, they weren't lying about April showers.
A lot of people ask me what I wear on the days when I'm not really doing anything and just chilling. This outfit pretty much sums it up... A basic tee or jumper with jeans. Then if I need to pop out I just grab a trusty heeled boot and I'm good to go.

Opting for one with a slogan makes it more fun and youthful. I was more drawn to this one because of the colour, pink, my favourite if you hadn't already guessed. I like that fact the sleeves are just below the elbow, it means I don't look to drowned when wearing it.
H&M jeans are just amazing, like seriously, totally underrated. One of the best fits I have found. I like them so much that I recommended them to two friends and they then purchased and also fell in love! Get down to H&M ladies, form an orderly queue. I mean they may not be for everyone but they seem to float my boat... and my friends too!

What I Wore:
Sweatshirt | Zara
Jeans | H&M
Boots | Zara
Bag | H&M



  1. Love the jumper - its so cute x


    1. It's my go to on my day off - need to invest in some similar ones I think!x


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