Monday, 2 December 2013

Last Of Autumn Tones

Yes I know what you are thinking, I agree I have no self control when it comes to shopping what so ever! I'm sure you bloggers are completely with me on that though. As my student loan is now pretty much penny's I hope no-one is expecting a Christmas present from me. My excuse is that I have to walk through the bullring everyday to get to uni which for someone like me is seen as torture if you don't buy at least one thing... anyway on to what the post is really about.
 Hat: Topshop
Top: New Look
Jacket: New Look
Skort: Ark Clothing
Boots: Boohoo
This is an outfit I wore on a recent visit to the Christmas German Market. Looking back at this outfit the orange and brown colours are something which make me think of the autumn leaves which have fallen so quickly there are barely any left. Yes for your information I am wearing the very famous blogger skort - love the peachy tone of this one from Ark! This jacket was such a good purchase I love the fact that its a more tailored than the ordinary biker jacket makes it different to the normal plain black one everyone has.  How super yummy do all the sweets and chocolate look may have to go back before returning to Northampton for Christmas (which by the way I'm super excited for).
 Awhhh seeing this cookie made me all soppy, the German market version of a Millie's cookie. With a sweet yet cringey message, but it's that festive time so a little bit of cheese is allowed.
Couldn't resist a choc or three, whoops!
Aine x

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