Monday, 18 November 2013

Interview With Harris Elliot

Apologies for the bad picture, don't think either of us were really prepared but what an amazing guy and he shared some of his tips with me. The good thing about my fashion uni course is loads of guess speakers from the industry come in to talk to us about their job role, how they got there and all the amazing things they get to do everyday. It really inspires me and makes me even more sure that fashion is what I want to do!
1)Best route to become a stylist?
Assisting people to see what it's like is all part of the process to become high end, make contacts and well known. Being able to deliver to a brief and working long hours is essential as this shows dedication and hard work which I think is what it takes.
2)How long does each project take on average?
Most projects are around a week or a week and a half, depending on the brand and brief itself.
3)Where do you get your inspiration?
Music, films and culture are my main inspirations. People watching is so good for finding little things everyday.
4)How do you think its best to get into styling?
I think building on your own personal style is the best way to start then go with the flow and see where it takes you. Although you do have to be able to style things and create looks to fit the brand or image they want that you personally do not like, therefore being open minded is important. Everything can't be straight down the line so it's good to be flexible. After a while you grown and learn to love your work. Only show you best pieces and its important to have a theme throughout your portfolio.
5)Favourite Project?
Puma - Olympics
Super human idea for the Jamaican team competing in the games which involved body paint and flying all over the world. I enjoyed this as it has a reference to my own culture and brought it to his hometown London. I also had the opportunity to work with incredible people along the way such as Bob Marley's daughter.
6)Who have you styled?
I have styled a lot of people but some you may know are Pharrell Williams, Nelly Furtado, Mark Ronson and  a recent Barry M campaign.
Amazing right? On top of that he has his own clothing line which is sold on derby street market (most expensive market) Very posh! Want to see more check out his website:
Aine x

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