Thursday, 21 November 2013

Winter Blues

These are some of my uni looks which I wore last week, had a little theme going without even realising! I love the cobalt blue colour which seems to be really popular this season and was really disappointed when trying on items of clothing to find the colour did not suit my skin tone at all. Trying to stay trendy I have still been wearing wintery blue colours just some different shades. Being on a fashion course looking presentable is a must, the faces if I walked in wearing joggers would be, well I'm sure you could imagine.

 Look 1:
Blouse: Forever 21
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Topshop
I haven't worn this blouse in ages and I forgot how much I loved it. From the picture you can't really see the detail on the collar which is a shame as the gems create a beautiful pattern. I bought this a while ago when I had an obsession with buying blouses. Moving back to Birmingham has made me go into a few more shops such as forever 21 who weren't available for me in Northampton. Love the cropped jeans with the tied pumps, I think they work really well together.
 Look 2:
Hat: Topshop
Blouse: H&M
Dress: The Wardrobe (Boutique)
Boots: H&M
Yes, I have a confession. I know, I'm sorry just couldn't help buying my winter hat in brown too! They are seriously the best purchases I have made this season. Make every outfit unique and stylish even if you are just wearing jeans and a jumper. I would definitely invest and now on the hunt for more and more hats!! Swear this dress gets shorter every time I wear it and it must be the wash because I'm certainly not getting any taller. The print is really small love hearts which is very sweet, I smartened the look by putting a blouse underneath. The boots are out starting to think why I didn't have a pair before! I think the worry of looking short and cutting my legs which could make me look a bit plump was always playing on my mind so that heel gave me that push and a bit more confidence.
Look 3:
Shirt: New Look
Trousers: River Island
Shoes: New Look
Final bluesy look for you. I must admit when I first brought these trousers from River Island and they arrived in the post I was almost threatened by them. I bought them before uni as I wanted some smarter trousers but when these came well it wasn't I expected. The bold colour and the horror look on my face thinking what the hell I was going to wear with them but decided to keep them anyway. I'm super glad I did because they have worked a treat now that I understand how to style them a bit more. Got a little heart theme going as well, jheeze realising this as I go along!
Aine x


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