Friday, 15 November 2013

Party Season

Is it me or does Christmas feel really close? The Coca-Cola advert has been on therefore in my mind its official. That means lots of parties which leads to that extra bit of Christmas weight I can already feel creeping on. Ah well, its an excuse to eat all the best kinds of foods and it would be rude not too, wouldn't it?

Dress: Topshop
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
That makes this outfit for a 21st birthday perfect to hide those lumps and bumps. Still trying to get use to this new haircut of mine, its just so different! Especially as I have never had a full fringe in my life. I love the back of the dress it makes it so glam and I have a weird obsession with dresses, jumpers and tops with unusual backs. I teamed it with my favourite pair of shoes ever, aren't they just insanely gorgeous?

Aine x


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