Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Day Two | What I Wore: Wedding Guest, Ashley Park House, Nenagh

As you may have read day one of my cousins wedding was an absolute dream, the only thing that could make this better was prolonging it for one more day. I often think one day is never enough for how quickly it all goes. The second day gives you that extra bit of time with everyone without the pressure and everything feels so much more relaxed, continue reading to see what I wore and what we got up to.

We woke up in the many rooms available at Ashley Park House - the staff went above and beyond, it honestly felt like home from home. We gathered in dinning room for breakfast, everyone coming in and tucking in to the buffet style spread one after another. There was everything you could imagine for a full english - the scrambled eggs and mushrooms had me going back for seconds it was so delicious. The food there was some of the best catering I’ve tasted! 

As we had a bit of time before the second day was in full swing, my parents and I took some time to explore the grounds more. The gardens and lake particularly captured my heart and had me snapping away on my camera all morning. It was so easy to get ‘the shot’ with such photogenic surroundings. After walking off some of breakfast we made our way back to the room to get ourselves ready for round two of the celebration. 
I still wanted to make an effort but opted for something I would be able to wear again for multiple occasions. I knew opting for a pair of trousers would be perfect, especially as the weather was so interchangeable. This pair are smart, fitted and have an elevated finish with the trim on the side and satin belt (both in a contrasting black) to wear from AM-PM. Although they are navy in colour the design enables you to pair them with black easily, without any of the colour rule hang ups. I wore it with a black halterneck top which is just as versatile. You can wear the neck ties like I am as a skinny scarf, you can tie it in a pussybow at front or bow it at the back for a more simplistic look. I kept the same accessories as day one for ease and the neutral grey colouring helps to soften the dark colours. 

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With the Ireland rugby on in the background (which lead to a victory) the atmosphere was still on a high as we reflected on the day before. Before we knew it the buffet lunch was upon us and the drinks flowing once more. As the sunset we headed to the local pub which was an evening of traditional Irish music. Both families and friends sat and enjoyed songs both old and new. My favourite part was when people started getting involved singing and playing the instruments, my aunt included. Before this I had never watched her playing the accordion or maybe I was too young to remember but she incredible and could’ve listened to her all evening. This evening was a real highlight for me and it was just so much fun. A few of us congregated in the living room when we got back to continue the antics in to the early hours of the morning. Everyone had to do a piece on an instrument or vocally… I picked piano without ever playing a note in my life which probably went even worse than you are thinking - it’s the thought that counts though right? It got some laughs and a round of applause so that is good enough for me. 

Even typing this up after so much time has passed I still can’t help but smile at all the fond memories I have of this weekend. Can’t wait until me and my cousins are old grannies still giggling away at all the special moments!

Which was your favourite outfit - day one or two?


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