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Day One | What I Wore: Wedding Guest, Ashley Park House, Nenagh

Saturday the 9th March was a day I felt like my family and I had been building up since we received the save the date for my cousins wedding almost a year beforehand. Little did we know how quickly the time would come round where she would be getting married. With events like then Hen in January (which you can read about here) and our few days together before the big event, I will hold this entire experience close to my heart. 

As the first wedding of the family (out of the children) it was an honour to be part of something so monumental and to have something to bring us all together. As we all get older and busier its certainly much harder to get us all in one room and what better reason than a wedding. It was an early start in the morning for me as not only did I have to get myself ready, I had to complete my mums hair and make-up and my sisters make-up. I have an ongoing joke between friends (as I often help them too) that 'Aine's Salon' is open for business and get them all to form an orderly queue. 

I went for a classic look for the make-up with a more neutral, soft smokey eye as we had to be ready for one o'clock. I wanted something that would easily transition from day to night, so used my go-to Naked 3 palette for all three of us. In preparation we also purchased a new curler to help with speed as before we all used to reach for straighteners. The finish was much more professional and it meant that our curls lasted much longer throughout the event and even in to the next day. Although this styler comes with a number barrels, we opted for the CkeyIN 5 in 1 25mm Bead as I find it much easier not to have the clamp when curling hair. 

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For my outfit, those close to me know exactly what I went through. I think having a wedding in March is kind of the start of the wedding season so trying to find something before this was much more stressful than I had anticipated. The closer we were getting, the more dresses I was ordering, trying on and hating wasn't filing me with much confidence. A last minute trip to the shops with my parents turned out to be gold - the last dress I tried one happened to be my favourite and I got that feeling when I put it on that it was 'the one'. I was drawn to the soft mint colour, chic silhouette and open back detailing. In this case, I didn't mind investing more than usual as I know this is the kind of dress I could wear again for a number of summer occasions.

I kept the accessories simple and matching to the cool tones of the dress with a soft white cross body bag and suede grey court shoes. For jewellery I almost always stick to rose gold because I love how it looks against my skin, so naturally this was no different. I have yet to share these pieces with you over on my blog officially though and it's about time they were in the limelight. First off since I put these hoop accessorise earrings in I have not taken them out! They are so elegant with the thin hoop and drop stone design that can be worn to elevate an everyday look or add a finishing touch to occasion wear like this. Paired with my new-ish Monica Vinader bangle which I felt was very appropriate - although the external embossing is my initials 'A.T' on the reverse it says 'love always' which was a gift from my mum for Christmas (which I balled about uncontrollably). It has to be my favourite addition to my collection and that personal message just resonated so well with me and the day itself.

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Lets get on to the actually first day of the wedding itself. We arrived at the church for around 1pm, plenty of time to bump in to and quickly catch up with family members/childhood friends we haven't seen for years. Whilst we awaited the bride there was a real sense of calmness in the air with people cracking jokes, huge smiles on their faces and just an overriding feeling of joy for the bride and groom but also the celebration ahead. One by one the flower girl, followed by the bridesmaids, then the maid of honour made their way down the aisle. The first glimpse of the bride is an emotion I cannot put in to words. We all joked about whether we would shed a tear but I am sure just the Tagon's alone could fill an ocean. With her unique hair piece, boho dress and Jimmy Choo's she was every inch of beauty, but the part that got me the most was the constant smile across her face.

During her planning she asked both my sister and I to be part of the ceremony by bringing up a gift to the alter. Mine represented family and my sister Victoria had a candle to represent and remember those who were no longer with us to celebrate the day. My mum also did the reflection at the end of the service, which she was nervous about all morning (took one for the team and both my sister and I were too terrified to take on that role)! With the I do's said, the kissing of the bride and exit in true Irish style (guard of honour with Hurling sticks) it was on the reception.

Held at Ashley Park House in Nenagh, I was taken back by the stunning views that include the shores of Lough Ourna. After dropping of our bags in the room for our weekend stay we headed for drink in the main 18th century country house. Oozing with character, brimming with drinks and rounds of canapés we were well kept. After a while, at our own pace funnelled in to the marque where we would be spending the duration of the evening. To the left of the house it is a stones throw away and the clear sides meant your could take in the 76 acre surroundings.

The food was incredible and us vegetarians weren't forgotten about, actually I would say we were equally catered for! With a goats cheese tart to start, a celeriac soup to cleanse the palette, a mixed vegetable curry for main and banoffee pie for dessert I was very impressed. The flavours were perfect and wish I wasn't so full so I could've eaten more. If I'm being honest I may have halved my desert with my sister who went for the chocolate cake so I could try both. I felt not guilt what so ever especially as I was on the dance for well in to the night moving to the beat from the live band who were playing a selection of songs throughout the years. It was such a great mix that there was really something for everyone to enjoy with lots of guilty pleasures in the mix for fun.

Day one in my eyes could not have been more perfect and there aren't two people who deserve it more. My cousin Yvonne and new cousin-in-law Cormac are the ultimate couple goals with such pure loving hearts and I couldn't be happier for them. I think I said it best in my Instagram post "May the love and joy we felt this weekend long continue".

Stay tuned for day two which will follow shortly,


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