Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why I Have Started Buying Experience Gifts

I can’t speak for everyone but as I have got older my mindset when it comes to celebrations has shifted towards collecting memories, not stuff. Most people don’t really care how much you spend on them, and much prefer a gift from the heart. The most important thing is that they see how much you care. Taking the time to plan and find something great, that you both/all can enjoy.

For christmas I treated my parents and sister to afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons. This is something we all do together on my parent’s frequent trips to visit my sister and I. As the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon won an award for Best Tea Service, I felt this was one we certainly had to put to the test. With the option of both plain & fruit scones, we were all happy to select our preference. It was presented with Somerset Clotted Cream and a choice of two Fortnum & Mason preserves, a Lemon Curd or Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Blueberry jam. This Piccadilly visit lasted longer than the hours we were there, as we were able to take a selection from the Cake Carriage home with us. The tea was the highlight for me and something which set them apart, which is understandable with it being one of the first products they ever sold. It was honestly so rewarding to see how much they enjoyed the day and I knew it that moment I was officially one of those people who places value in meaningful experiences rather than anything else. After all, experiential gifts are often more memorable than a random trinket or pair of socks.

For me its simple, experiences last longer. Just think back to your last celebration, can you remember what you got? When you think of your favourite gift it is mostly because of the way it made you feel. When I think of mine, I automatically think of my surprise birthday trip to New York, or trip to the Ritz or going Punting in Cambridge. You have the ability to prolong celebrations like I did, after Christmas January can really drag and the seasonal blues officially kick in. Booking in something in this month meant we had something to look forward to and lift our sprits, starting the new year with a bang and hopefully how we wish to continue. Plus not only is this shareable, but I went somewhere I personally wanted to go which was maximised by the people I chose to come with me. I like that this can build on existing or new relationships with those who accompany you on these adventures. Although the things I have listed could be considered more expensive or out of your budget, remember you don't have to go anywhere special — just get out of your usual neighborhood and see something new together.

If you are looking for a gift you could use all year why not try a Movie Pass, this might change your life. For around £15.00 a month, you can get unlimited movie tickets at any theatre. Sign the both of you up and you're set on date nights for the year, you would get much more out of that than your Netflix Subscription and at least you are getting out and about. If your loved one our works so hard but never takes time for self-care, a day-long package at a fancy spa would go down a treat. Doesn’t spending the day doing nothing together sound perfect? Those are just a few I can think of off the top of my head but google is a wonderful thing and it can spark so many good ideas. Plus it is all about the person you are gifting, you will know more than anyone what they would like.

Trust your gut. It is a little bit hard when you see them opening gifts and you doubt wether you have made the right choice, or if you should have cut cost and got them something to open as well. Once you have gone and done your activity, you will feel the relief but also reap the rewards of choosing something different. It does leave a lot to be anticipated for your next gift, going to be hard to keep topping every year.
*Makes last minute changes to Valentine's gift*


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