Saturday, 4 November 2017

London Bar Series: Tonight Josephine

Another pink place has swept Instagram by storm, this time rather than serving food it tingles your taste buds in the form of a beverage. As soon as I heard about the opening of Tonight Josephine I was eager to go and see it for myself. I popped in one evening with my sister first for one drink and later took my friend to congratulate her as she was moving to London, hear my thoughts on the venue and drinks below.

Not only did the pink theme capture my heart but the story behind the bar itself. Named after Joséphine De Beauharnais who was the first empress of the french and wife to Napoleon. If you haven't heard of her you should know him, he was known for both warmongering and womanising - feel as if I am giving a brief history lesson here. Nonetheless, Joséphine was much like the women of the 21st century, she grew bored of being treated poorly and feeling unappreciated. She got her revenge through throwing lavish parties with famous attendees who later became lovers of her own. One evening she joined Napoleon before a battle only to have her advances rejected by him saying “Not Tonight Joséphine” and ta dah you have the name. With subtle hints to her character such as the "Well behaved women don't make history" neon light sign they add a meaningful message to the decor. I personally think this draws like minded people in to the environment and creates an empowering atmosphere.

The iridescent backdrop against the quilted walls gives a soft and playful touch, enhanced further by the monochromatic stripe flooring. The mirrored ceilings give the illusion of more space in this compact, underground hangout whilst the neon tube lighting creates a retro vibe. The bar adorned with metallic tiles, hanging glasses and every type of spirit you can think of, I honestly have so much credit for the person who designed the interiors. My friend and I made our way to secure one of the chrome coloured booths to browse the menu options, I would definitely recommend booking before hand to ensure you aren't on your feet all night.
It is the ideal spot for after work drinks or a catch up with friends like me, especially if you are local with the two for one on all cocktails, Peroni Rossa and glasses of prosecco between 5-7pm every day of the week. When I went with my sister I went for my all time favourite, Porn Star Martini which was a sweet passion fruit, vanilla and vodka mix, finished with an accompanying Prosecco shot.

Unfortunately due to a shortage on the coupe glasses the second time round we had to opt for something slightly different, darn those fancy cocktail lovers. It did force me to make a change for once getting the Hidden Julep and Midnight Flower. The first a refreshing and light drink with Bombay Sapphire gin, Pimm’s, cucumber syrup, fresh mint, fresh lemon juice and apple juice and the second gin based drink was with pineapple juice, apple juice, fresh lemon juice, egg white, salt and lavender syrup which made it very unique.

As the drinks came to an end, the Lindsey Lohan bathroom trip made, we walked back up the pink stairwell and agreed with the "Why the f*ck can't I have fun all the time?" Kate Moss quote A-Board.
Shall I make this a series like my 'London Cafe' posts?


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