Tuesday, 14 February 2017

London Cafe Series: Palm Vaults, Hackney

As I have moved to London I have found it difficult to keep my posts varied and as bored as you are seeing picture after picture of me, think how I feel. To keep a mix of content I thought what better than a series about this exciting city. Introducing the first of many (if it all goes to plan), this is my go-to London cafe list.

When I moved to London there was a whole heap of things I wanted to do and now I live here it has become far more accessible and achievable. My aim is to push myself to keep finding more independent gems in order to raise awareness and also share places you may not know about. Plus this will be super handy if you are planning a weekend here, maybe just moved here yourself or have lived here for ages and wanting to try something new. Nonetheless I think you get the concept of it all and please feel welcome to leave your own recommendations of places I should try next. 

First on my very long list was Palm Vaults, Hackney Central. Although slightly out of the way for myself I was keen to go after seeing numerous snaps on Instagram. I find Instagram can actually be a great way to find interesting places via the location tool! I simply had to go after seeing all the pink, marble and of course palms. I think the theme you will see arising throughout the places I showcase will become very clear. My friend summed it up when she said "if you were to open a cafe I think it would look a little like this". 

It's very easy to find from the station and only a short walk to your final destination, probably around seven minutes. The exterior stands out from its surroundings with bold almost jewelled lettering that would entice any pacing soul. Once you enter, it's like you've been teleported to summer. The chilled atmosphere, plant ceiling and pink, mint and white colour combo screams L.A, California and Miami.

No doubt with a place this adorable there was a wait for a table but one I certainly think is worth it. I used this time to size up the menu and pick what I wanted to order as I know how indecisive I can be at the best of times. After being seated on our hexagonal table with velvet pink chairs my friend and I caught up on the week that had passed. After ordering my brunch with the drink option being "oh my god which one is the pink one" it soon arrived in front of us and our conversation slowed with anticipation. 

I opted for the avocado on sourdough toast with chilli flakes and crumbled feta, whilst my friend went for the mushroom toastie. After taking pictures for this post (stating the obvious) we tucked in and after a few mouthfuls vowed we would go back to taste the brioche we were umming and ahhing over. The presentation is undeniable on the pink marbled plate with gold trim. Next to us was a selection of plant, art and controversial books ideal for flicking through and can make great conversation starters. Over all I loved it and couldn't think of a better start to this series.
Stay tuned for more in the series!


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