Thursday, 5 January 2017

How I Spent My New Years And What I Wore

Happy New Year! Slightly belated I know but better late than never. First post of 2017... feels so strange writing that. I wanted to catch you up on what I did for New Years Eve, what I wore and why. 

I don't particularly want to start this on a downer but I do think New Years Eve has to be one of the most over rated nights. It's like forced fun, I think we all know and can agree the best nights are the spontaneous ones. Putting so much planning in to one evening can often build excitement putting extreme pressure on the situation. The older I get the less fussed I am about my plans, 21 going on grandma! But if I am being honest I couldn't think of a worse than a night out in town. Over priced taxis, suffocating clubs and that one person who gets to drunk that you end up having to take home... not my idea of enjoyment. This year my close group of friends and I always had the plan to spend it together but it was only days before we set in stone what we were planning to do.

It started out with the idea of making dinner but we soon turned to the thought of getting a takeaway. We've all been working so hard recently that we just wanted to fully relax for the evening. We went for a dominos because let's face it when do you not crave pizza? I was starving by the time it had arrived the four spring rolls that I had eaten all day certainly wasn't enough to line my stomach for the drinks ahead. After making all the groaning sounds regarding the tasty garlic dip (makes the whole pizza) it was time to get the Prosecco flowing. With a glass attached to my hand, left to be precise thanks for that darn ring of fire rule, we played a variety of board and card games through the night. Before we knew it the countdown had begun and we watched the firework display on TV, without the sound might I add because we couldn't find the remote. The best part of all was spending it for the first time with all five of my girls. It would be difficult to not have a good night surrounded by them and although it wasn't out of the ordinary it was something extra special to me.
I picked up this jumpsuit from Zara during my Italy trip. I tried on a few items but as soon as I emerged from the changing room, doing a catwalk show for my sister of course, we both agreed this was a keeper. The list of things I love about it are endless, chic, classic and bloody comfortable. The knitted fabric has such good properties including stretch and warmth, two things I wanted for my evening ahead. Although I have it dolled up here, it would work just as well with a pair of trainers quickly making this one of my new favourite pieces. Who doesn't love day to night wear? I opted for my gorgeous floral Ted Baker heels as they deserved to come out of the box again. Grad ball was ages ago and I just couldn't resist. All topped off with my pink coat because as nice as this jumpsuit is, it simply is not warm enough to wear alone.

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How did you spend your New Years Eve?


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