Monday, 28 November 2016

Three Irresistible Benefits Of Shopping In Markets

When travelling in Italy I found myself getting sucked into the markets selling food, fashion and more. It was then when I started thinking about the charm these little stalls hold and why I believe we should continue to support them.
I can vouch for a lot of people when I say it's easy to get sucked in to the high street and not venture out of it. I for one am guilty of this too. Don't get me wrong I love me some Topshop, Zara and Asos but it does get a bit samey. Primarily being a fashion blogger means I'm supposed to bring inspiration and share my looks. However in a saturated market with the majority shopping in the same place it can be hard to stand out and take control of your own identity. The markets were something I looked through for gifts for my sister and parents and in the process came across a few bits for myself - isn't that always the way. 

After walking away very happy with my purchases including clothing items, accessories and snacks for my train ride I couldn't help but contemplate why I don't ever do this at home. It has never crossed my mind to ever buy anything from one, yet in London especially (which might I add I visit regularly) has some of the best in the world. Including ones I've walked straight through such as Spitalfields and Camden. One thing that mostly drives people to markets is cost. Now not everything is inexpensive but it is place you can negotiate. Often the owners are passionate, willing to accommodate your needs and happy to agree on a price if they feel you are being reasonable for the merchandise. Therefore you can actually end up getting high quality pieces without the added branding price package. A lot of the time with bigger businesses they have the ability to charge more for something due to the reputation they have built for their company, meaning essentially you are buying in to the name more than the product itself.
Another key benefit is one I touched on earlier. In a market you are more likely to get something unique. There are one off pieces and smaller quantities available meaning you can avoid the whole your wearing the exact same thing as someone else situation. This is your chance to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons, take it! Markets don't only offer difference to the mass market industry in terms of consumer but also the product they offer. Emerging designers who could be the next big thing all start somewhere. You have people with real talent at your fingertips just waiting for a break. I for one would be honoured to help these people be recognised, their hard work and determination is something I admire. It is not an easy living, nor is it a warm environment, I don't envy them especially at this time of year. Just take a look you might be surprised by what you find if you look hard enough.

Although I've raised many points throughout my final one is, local produce. In a country where we rely heavily on the import and export business to be sustainable it can be hard to keep track of where what we buy is from. Another worry that crosses my mind frequently is who or what is being effected by this transaction. With weather like ours food is kind of understandable it makes it near enough impossible to grow or for anything to survive. On the other hand, fashion used to be something we excelled in. When I see "Made in Britain" on a tag, which is a rarity, it certainly captures my interest. Likewise in Italy I only brought products made there, which makes it reminder of the trip as well as the product I wanted. Plus there is nothing more rewarding than buying something handmade from the person you got it from.
My whole motive behind this post is to remind you as I did myself the benefits of markets. Without us this trade will die and what a shame that would be. In the future I am hoping to continue to support them, my question is will you?

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