Saturday, 26 November 2016

The 4 Must-See Places In Verona

Romeo once said to Juliet "Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days", I liked the advice so much I took it for myself. The famous story set in Verona about two star crossed lovers is often what brings people to the Italian city but trust me when I say it is worth the adventure.
One thing I found about Verona is that I wasn't stretched for time and I could do these four things in one day at a leisurely pace. The area has a rustic charm with it's classic Italian yellow, orange and red housing. Although there is plenty to do and see these are the four key things you don't want to miss.

Romeo And Juliet
I mean I know everyone always goes on about Juliet's house but it certainly worth dropping by Romeo's and making your mark too. Outside of her house you will find a statue, apparently rubbing her breast will make you lucky in love, worth a shot right? I can report after two weeks I have felt nothing and I have no sign of any romance to report but whose not to say she's still working her magic. You can write a letter to Juliet herself and await a response from her team of helpers. If that isn't for you most people seem to write their names on the walls entering the home, I suppose it is a symbol to show everlasting love - like the locket bridge in Paris. Inside the home the decor is from the 14th century which was used in the film production of the forbidden love Shakespeare piece we all know and cherish. You can even go on Juliet's balcony, great photo opportunity. 

Verona Arena
I wish it was Opera season when I went because I do believe that would've been something even more special but nonetheless you can still view the circular, arched building. It may look very familiar and fun fact this was built 50 years before the colosseum which I also visited on my trip to Italy. If I'm being honest I actually much prefer this one out of the two! I mean just look at it, what a place. I sat for awhile just imaging the things that went on in there, I couldn't help but smile thinking about the joy people gained from the entertainment.
Lamberti Tower
One of the highest points in the city. Everywhere I go I always think it is always worth going up any form of tower. Something so breathtaking about seeing everything from above. You get to see a different view and perspective of Verona which in my eyes makes it worthwhile. I stupidly or not stupidly (you decide) took the stairs taking in to consideration the carb heavy diet I was becoming so used to during my trip. I mean it's 84 meters high, it is safe to say I took the elevator down. 

Giardino Giusti
This is how I ended my day and it was honestly the perfect way to do so. It was planted in the 16th century by the Giusti family just behind their palace and you are able to view it for a small fee. Personally I thinks its ideal for burning off after a meal or working up an appetite with an uphill walk and some steps to get some of the most beautiful views. Despite the foggy weather I still managed to get some good shots, even if my camera battery died soon after arriving. There are places to sit and relax which is what I did as the sun went down over the city below. The surroundings are calming, peaceful and quiet, if you need a break this is the place I would go.
Those are my four must-see places in Verona, let me know what you think if you go or maybe you've been too and have more to add...


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