Monday, 7 November 2016

Reasons I Love My Midi Skirt

I have replaced my mini skirts with something slightly longer alternative but not so long it's floor length. That's right the midi skirt! I have been a big fan for a few years but I think I may have just fully converted.
The midi sits perfectly with flats in summer and boots in winter, making it a great all year round piece. Darker styles also work well with tights if you want that extra layer of warmth as the temperature drops. My collection is certainly growing since I picked up my first one a few years ago. I started by buying a mini skirt with a midi length overlay which is the best way to adjust yourself to the new length. After that I was sold picking up plain everyday ones, to floral ones like this and other ultra feminine, delicate designs. 

It works well if you are restricted for certain occasions whether that be work or a strict dress code. Before you know it you'll have multiple versions of it in your wardrobe, or maybe that is just me and my lack of self control. Any time I switch back to my mini for the day I find myself constantly pulling it down as my inner granny comes out thinking it is now far too short. There should be a new saying "once you go midi, you'll never go back to mini".
 If you are in the market for something sophisticated and classy I would highly recommend testing the waters. I have seen so many beautiful design coming out in opulent fabrics ready for party season and it has me all kind of excited.

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What do you prefer mini or midi (maybe even maxi)?


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