Friday, 5 August 2016

My Birthday Surprise: A Trip To New York

So as you've probably already seen from me plastering it over my Instagram, Blog, Youtube and Twitter I went to New York. What I'm yet to tell you is that it was a surprise for my 21st birthday! I wanted to fill you in properly on the story and tell you more of exactly what I got up to when I was there all in one place - grab your coffee/tea, it's a longer one than usual.
So let me take you back to a few months ago, for weeks I had my mum on my back about what I wanted for my birthday. Well aware that it was a special occasion and milestone in my life, there wasn't one thing I could think of. I'm very lucky to have the things I do already and as frustrated as she was getting with me saying I didn't want anything it was true. As I gave nothing she tuned to my family to brainstorm in hope to gain some inspiration. They know how much I love to travel and value experiences over any materialistic thing I own so my sister suggested taking me away. On the list was Venice a place that has been on my list for what feels like forever and also New York, the city that never sleeps. Although I have been to New York before in 2004 it was for my uncles wedding which meant I didn't really do the touristy things. Also now I have found my love for fashion the city has become even more appealing over the past few years.

Fast forward to my birthday (well just before, end of June to be precise) they officially announced the trip! Although my mum was disappointed my dad and sister did an awful job at keeping the secret and therefore in her eyes ruining the surprise I wasn't any less excited. Straight away I was writing lists of things I wanted to do whilst I was there. I packed up my things, had an hours drives to the airport and then an eight hour flight to JFK.
As I landed the jet lag hit me hard but I was determined to power through the whole holiday not wanting to miss out on what the city has to offer. I thought it would be nice to include a list of the things I did incase you were planning on going as I've already had a few comments from some saying they are. We booked our trip for ten days which was perfect as there is so much to see and it's all super spread out.

Monday 4th
Walked across Brooklyn Bridge
Macy's Firework Display

Tuesday 5th
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Wednesday 6th
Times Square shopping
One World Trade Centre
9/11 Memorial

Thursday 7th
The Metroplitan Museum

Friday 8th
Drinks in Dumbo

Saturday 9th
The Meatpacking District
Walked the High Line
Blue Note Jazz Club

Sunday 10th
Brunch @ Gallow Green, McKittrick Hotel
New York Liberties vs. San Antonio Stars @ Madison Square Gardens

Monday 11th
Woodbury Common Outlet

Tuesday 12th
Staten Island Ferry
Matilda on Broadway

Wednesday 13th
Central Park

Thursday 14th
Coney Island
(We has lunch just a table away from Brooklyn Beckham)

Overall the trip was a success and I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my birthday. I still have so much content to come from the trip stacking up in my drafts so keep yours eyes open if this NYC content is something you are enjoying!
What I Wore:
Cream Biker Jacket | H&M
Top | Primark
Shorts | Zara
Bag | Kate Spade
Sunglasses | River Island
Shoes | Topshop



  1. These posts are making me so jealous! I love the outfit combination matching the shorts with the Kate Spade bag, but for me the topshop shoes are incredible, so chic! x

    1. It makes me want to go back, so excited to share more!x


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