Monday, 11 April 2016

How To Wear Your Summer Cocktail Dress In The Day

I think I am finally plucking up the courage to wear bare legs, so whilst this post has been sitting in my drafts for the right moment I think we can agree it has arrived. Be prepared for lots more faces in my knees to come!
Some of you my notice this from my spring get ready with me which you can watch here, if not feel free to go have a noisy. I love this dress, I've had it for years now! I actually wore it for my eighteenth birthday which gives you a timescale as I'm soon twenty one. It has done me for many occasions since though weddings, garden parties you name it. I think I can speak for a fair share of us ladies when I say our going out dresses get worn very little and I've been trying to make the most of mine aiming to style them for more everyday wear.

For dresses like this one without sleeves by throwing a blouse, roll neck or tee underneath can drastically change the mood. Layering is the key to mixing up your wardrobe and it's something that can make you least worn pieces more wearable. I mean you could even wear it over the top to create the illusion of a skirt, the possibilities are endless. The thing is you won't know if you don't try, so there is no harm in trying a few looks in the comfort of your own home before finding the one true pairing.
I matched the colours in the dress with the shoes. It just oozes spring with complimentary corals and pastel pinks. I think by adding the brown bag it gives a subtle seventies feel. Can't wait to try this with a few other pieces in my wardrobe and see how it works, let me know if there is anything other dress styles you would like me to do in particular!

What I Wore:
Top | Primark
Dress | Mango
Jacket | Topshop
Bag | Zara
Shoes | Topshop

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