Friday, 8 April 2016

How To Strengthen, Hydrate and Revive Your Hair

As you may have seen in my recent haircare video I am a big fan of OGX and their hair products. I've been testing the argan oil of morocco range and always I am reporting back what I thought. With three products in the range my hair was in for a treat.
I previously was using the macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner, along with a few other products such as the ever straight Brazilian flat iron spray and the renewing moroccan argan oil weightless reviving dry oil (longest name ever). Which you can watch all in action here, with a preview of my very natural curls. I loved that routine and it's one I've been using for probably around 6 months now. When OGX saw the video they contacted me to discuss my hair type to see if there was any other products I would like to try.

I talked with them about how my hair can be very dry and prone to split ends from the heat damage as I straighten/style my hair so much. As much as I love my natural curls when they are wet it can often be very hard to control as it gets very frizzy and looses the tight ringlet shape. As the split ends was something I wanted to combat first to avoid breakage they suggest the argan oil range. I've heard a lot about argan oil from one of my friends, she swears by it and she has the thickest/longest hair ever - so I trust her. I was excited when these arrived in the post for me to test and see if it made any difference. 
As soon as I opened them I was reassured by the 'revive damaged, dry and brittle tressers' I was like yes that is exactly what I need! As directed I applied a generous amount to wet hair and massaged it in to locks. The scents of their products are so refreshing and it certainly sticks around because my mum could still smell it on my hair two days after washing, which is impressive. As for shampoo's my hair felt cleaner and prepped for the next two stages.

Miracle In Shower Oil:
I used this after shampoo but you can mix it in with the other steps or use before styling. A small amount goes a long way, a few small drops does the job. I have thicker hair so use accordingly to what you think is appropriate. I wouldn't go overboard as if you use to much it can make your hair greasy but if you master the amount you end up the amazing results. My hair honestly looks so glossy, feels really smooth and the ends feel dramatically less visible. This is what helps the strength of your hair and if I was to recommend one product from this trio I would say this is the one you need.
With most conditioners I try to focus and work in to the ends of my hair as that is where the most effort is needed. This step just further locks in the moisture leaving your hair feeling hydrated. They advise waiting 3-5 minutes before rinsing to get the full effect. I think the set probably works better in combination with each other, but that doesn't mean to say you can't mix and match.
Have you tried OGX? Which should I try next?


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