Friday, 4 March 2016

Maybelline Master Precise Liner

You have probably seen me use this in my youtube video and it's about time I did a review and told you my thoughts. I have my phases of wearing eyeliner daily and then I go off it for a while. Currently in the wearing it everyday stage so perfect time to really use this.
I was looking for a new eyeliner a while ago as I run out of my normal Collection pot. I have used that for years and never tried anything else because I got use to perfecting my wings with that applicator. However I felt it was time to broadened my horizons and picked up something a little different. I had seen a lot of these felt tip like designs and I wanted to try one as I like the concept. When hunting the make-up aisles in boots this one just ticked the boxes and before I knew it there it was in my make-up bag.
The packaging is really sleek and I'm a big fan of that font - it's the small things that please me. My graphics lecturer would be impressed that I'm actually analysing fonts and the 'mood' that much. The simple monochrome format works well for me, I don't want something to fussy, especially for something as difficult as applying eyeliner can be. My only complaint is that I wish it could be slightly wider making it easier to grip but that wasn't enough to put me off.
The eyeliner itself is really easy to apply and I would say is really easy to create the perfect wing even for beginners. The nib is super fine therefore you can have a really small line or build it if that's what you prefer. It applies with a sheen but dries matte in a number of seconds which I like. One downfall I have found that if I rub my eyes later on in the day the product can smudge or somedays I have returned home to find I'm missing a wing... not the best look. I often wonder how long its been gone or try to recall wiping my eye area which is a real shame because other than that I really like the product. Note to self: Leave your eyes alone and everything will stay intact. 


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