Saturday, 27 February 2016

Shirt Jumper Combo

I'm not sure if there is a rule with cream and white but I'm breaking it. This layering of a shirt and jumper is completely perfect for this transitional season and very easily put together for a casual, everyday look.
I am just loving wearing skirts at the minute, the shirt and jeans combo will never fail you. It is literally my ideal everyday outfit right now. With the weather being all over the place with the whole one minute it's sunny and relatively warm and the next the breeze comes and the chill takes over, it's hard to decide what to wear. This shirt helps to smarten the look and provides that element of tailoring I love when styling outfits for myself. On the other hand the jumper creates a more relaxed feel and adds the extra layer you may need in the blustery weather. This could work so well with a number of jumpers but I particularly like it with this cropped style.

These pale ripped jeans aren't my usual but I think my black/dark denim needed a break. I like the fading in the centre it really helps to flatter your legs and something I always try to look for in jeans. I also like that the rips are so small that it doesn't expose to much (it also means you don't catch your feet in them as much when putting them on) win win. 

What I Wore:
Shirt | New Look
Jumper | New Look
Jeans | Primark
Boots | Zara
Bag | Kate Spade

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  1. Perfect combination fro winter wear . I like your collection for women shirts and fancy jeans combo...Thank you for sharing


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