Thursday, 25 February 2016

Reasons To Read

Thanks to my two house mates I have begun to pick up books for reasons other than studying purposes and I am actually really enjoying it. This is something which I feel has deeply impacted my life recently and for that alone I knew it was something I wanted to share with you.
Around the beginning of third year I felt a mixture of emotions, I was confused to say the least. I felt anxious about the year ahead, the work I had to complete, whether I would complete it and how this had to be one of the most important years of my life. Before I knew it pressure had creeped in and I hadn't even officially started yet. I had people talking about 'my future' which left me in a state of panic asking myself what I was going to do with my life when I'm still finding out who I really am. As usual I buried my problems and brushed it off in a casual response not revealing the true stress I was enduring. My friends when I got back from university one day were deeply concentrated on the pages of the novels they were reading and I remember stating how I felt left out of their little book club. 

I was never a massive fan of reading as a teen, I think because of school I never saw the pleasure in it and it felt more like a chore. Having a mother and sister who would go through books like I would devour chocolate at easter after giving it up for lent, my passions laid else where and I never really understood why they loved it so much. After many years of persuasion and a very stubborn young lady (me) I first caved to read the twilight book series. Surprisingly to my family I got through them rather quickly and shocked myself how eager I was to find out more. This slowly rubbed off as I struggled to find another book at the time to keep me coming back for more. Which lead to a trend of me starting, getting part the way through before giving up and possibly ending in watching the film version - which I will agree now was awful of me.

Anyway, back to me being left out of book club... One of them asked about what I liked and went through her book shelf taking in to consideration what I had said. Before I knew it she placed one in my hand and said 'I reckon you'll love this" and she wasn't wrong. It was another book series with three small-ish books that I could get through at my own pace. At this point I was well in to my dissertation and this was something I would reach for in my breaks to take my mind off all things work related. There was something about it which teleported me to a different world, a new way of thinking and the things it did for me changed everything. It was a real page turner and I finally got it, after all these years I let myself really escape into the story line. That is where I found my feet. 

All it takes is one good book to change your way of thinking. Before I knew it I was asking her for other ones she could suggest alongside picking up ones I liked the sound of. Now here I am a changed woman with a whole new outlook to reading and also a new way to relax. I am already so pleased with the change in my anxiety and can't wait to continue improving.
Any suggestions for books you think I would like? I am going to share some of the books I have reading soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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