Friday, 19 February 2016

How To Style Statement Shoes

I have my fair share of statement shoes, the 'marmite' designs are something I pride myself on. I think they can really make an outfit when you are in a rush by simply adding them to an otherwise plain outfit. I share some of my tips on ways to wear the statement shoe, if this is your first pair it may seem a bit daunting!
Statement shoes are supposed to ooze fun and that is part of the reasoning I love them so much. As I often tend to opt for more classic styles in clothing it is nice to inject some personality somewhere. I frequently let the shoes do the talking with a more tame outfit. 

Firstly you have to be 100% confident and love those shoes because trust me you will get some funny looks! I remember going to a christening once with a pair of pink lace up shoes with poms poms and the adults all referred to them as an "interesting" shoe (in other words they think they are vile but are trying to be polite), yet on the other hand I had their children mesmerised and they thought I was a princess. They aren't always going to be to everyones taste but make for a good conversation starter. These patent grey heels with the pink perspex are no different and can't help but be eye catching!

As I suggested earlier a simple outfit tends to look best with the shoes being the stand out piece. For this I paired my trusty roll neck and button up skirt together which I have been absolutely loving together with this plain tote. The colour blocking in black allows the shoes to breathe slightly and helps to draw the attention to the star of the show. 

Finally you could just go all out, you've already got these amazing statement shoes but your wardrobe may shout loud and fun all the time, I say go for it! Mixing with colours, playing with slogans and things like that will make it hard to miss you. If you have the guts why not? Fashion is supposed to be fun! Just do you.

What I Wore:
Roll Neck | New Look
Skirt | Boohoo
Bag | Zara
Ring | Pandora
Boots | Public Desire


  1. I loooove this look! I'd like to buy those shoes but I don't know wheter they'd sit nicely around my calf, I've got skinni legs :(. Could you comment on that, maybe the circumference? :)

    1. These are really tight on my legs so they will probably fit you perfectly!x


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