Saturday, 30 January 2016

Updated | My Skincare Routine

You only have one skin and I think it is about time I started looking after mine a bit more. I have to admit I struggle to do this once a day let alone twice! Skincare can be a real pain for us all, especially first thing in the morning when you want that extra five minutes in bed or after a long hard day working when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa - so here is my quick fix.
Garnier | Micellar Cleansing Water
This is usual my starting point and honestly sometimes as far as I get. I think cleansing has to be one of the most important steps so if I do that twice a day to ensure all my make-up and impurities are wiped away. This is so easy, yet I have found it to be far more effective than the go-to face wipe. All you have to to is get a little cotton pad, dash some of this on it and wipe it all off. To ensure my face is clear I do it around 2-3 time depending on how much make-up I have on.

I love the cooling effect it had on my skin, perfect to use in the morning before application as well as using to take it off at night. I can find some cleansers to be very harsh on my sensitive skin and this has reacted so well. This one product removes all so if like me you aren't in to ones that a different for your eyes or something like then this could be for you. This has to be the thing I would recommend most out of everything I've tried so far.
Neutrogena | Visibly Clear Facial Wash
If I'm having a good skin day I usually opt for this grapefruit scented wash. I gently massage it in which can actually be very therapeutic. After my face it covered in a mask like format I run my hands under the tap before going back to doing circular motions on my face. The mix of the two components turns the wash in to a foamy consistency. Once happy I rinse it off I'm left with the sweet refreshing fragrance and a clean face, what more could you want? I personally purchased purely because it was pink (what a mouthful that would be to say out loud), it was shortly followed with 'ooo grapefruit' easily pleased me!
Neutrogena | Visibly Clear Daily Scrub
If my skin is having a bad oil day, I've done a lot or in the situation of undergoing a break out I use the daily scrub. Although it's a daily scrub formalised to make it suitable for everyday I'm still slightly sceptical. Following the same routine as the face wash I apply the scrub. The granules in the scrub are reassuringly small, but the smooth finish it provides shows how powerful it still is. I try to do this twice a week to keep my skin feel super soft and buffed. I think scrubs can really help rejuvenate your skin and provide you with a healthy glow.  

There you have it my updated skincare routine, now all I have to do is keep motivated allowing my to reap the rewards of looking after my skin.


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