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15 Moments of 2015

 Another year goes by and I'm still confused where all the time has gone. I have to admit New Years isn't my favourite time of year it's usually filled with me mopping about all the things I didn't achieve, forever the optimist. This year things went slightly different and I wanted to put a stop to this nonsense and start the new year in tears.

I thought a good way to get my end of year blues would be to write 15 things I did achieve this year. I also challenged my family to do the same and would definitely encourage you to give it a go! It actually made me realise how much I have done and I soon realised 2015 didn't go as badly as I thought. Here we go and just so you know they aren't in any order:

1) I passed my driving theory
The annoying part of this one is I had actually passed it previously but it only lasts for a limited time and being caught up with uni I didn't get the chance to take my practical test. However I am determined to do it this year so I can gain a new sense of independence. 

2) Moved into a house
I thought in my third year at uni I would like to experience living in a house before graduating, what better than the present? It forced me to do so many things and think about so much I never have had to consider before. It is a massive thing for any person and you can take so much away from it.

3) Ayia Napa
Although it wasn't my favourite holiday I've ever been on I learnt a a lot about myself, what I stood for but also that sometimes its okay to let your hair down and relax. I don't think I have or will ever be a party holiday kind of girl and the strip doesn't appeal to me whatsoever but it's about who you are with and how you manage to make the best of what you've been given.

4) Ireland
This was so refreshing and for the first time I truly captured the beauty of half my heritage. I have gone to Ireland since I was born but this time we didn't waste a moment and I travelled around sightseeing as well as spending time with my family. It's funny that somewhere so close to home can be so breathtaking and I am thankful to have those memories recorded here on my blog and also on my youtube channel.

5) Amsterdam
My final holiday of the year was one of my favourites. Amsterdam has to be one of the most beautiful, photogenic cities I have visited. The laid back vibe was the perfect break and I gained a different cultural experience. After this I realised how much more of the world I wanted to explore, see and create memories for the years ahead.
6) Attended more blogging events
I attended more blogging events than ever before this year and I have had the opportunity to collaborate more with brands I love. I had a chance to meet so many new people with the same interests as myself and also boost my confidence in the process. I find being in a room of people I follow or have yet to hear about on the diverse range of bloggers on the internet sometime daunting but this year I started interacting more easily in these social situations and that for me is pretty darn good.

7) First ever giveaway
I'm constantly thankful for my place on the internet and although it may only be small I get to share things I do, love and wear all the time. I think it is a great way for me to reflect and document my life and express myself; whether that be how I feel, or in fashion or beauty. The fact even one of you reads these posts or watches my videos really humbles me and I had the opportunity to give back which honestly made me feel amazing.

8) Became better at makeup
I know this one might seem a bit silly to some people but really I am not and don't think I will be a beauty expert. I started this blog with a fashion focus and never thought I would end up with the melting pot I have created now. The more the year has gone by, the more I have experimented and found the pleasure in it all. I finally broke out of my comfort zone and began enjoying all the make-up can offer.

9) Punting for my birthday
I had been saying to my mum for age how much I wanted to go punting so for my 20th birthday my mum, sister and I headed to Cambridge to do it for my 20th. It was more than I expected and would highly recommend it. It was seriously one of the best things I have done for my birthday! So relaxing, educational but also great fun, I would love to do it again with a big group of friends.

10) Completed my dissertation
The fact my dissertation is over and done with has to be one of the best feelings ever. It has really made me realise how close I am to finishing my degree and how this is the last push of effort that I need. I'm both nervous and excited for what the future has to hold, however it is on my mind how many important decisions I'm going to have to make this year.
11) Went to the Jazz Cafe
My sister and I have been saying since the start of the year how much we wanted to go yet the end of the year was near and we hadn't even attempted to try attend. Then we came across the gem of the London Gospel Choir christmas special at the Jazz Cafe and booked tickets straight away. We had the best time despite my painful shoe decision I throughly enjoyed myself. Their voices were enough to melt me and go back to thinking why wasn't I blessed with being capable to sing that well. I really want to do more nights like this!

12) Two plays in the theatre
I love the theatre. I can't remember a day in my childhood when I wasn't involved in dance or musical theatre, it was actually what I wanted to do for a really long time. I love to dance in particular I did ballet, tap and hiphop as well as attending musical theatre on the weekends. I gave it all up when I had to make the choice between what I loved more and clearly I chose fashion. I'm sad I let that part of me go and once I get the time I intend to bring it back even if it is just once a week. Nonetheless I still got the opportunity to watch other much more talented people such as Billy Elliot - which was incredible. 

13) Continued my passion for art exhibitions
I have a thing for all type of arts, I think it is such an amazing gift. Art exhibitions aren't something that many people I know tend to go to but I try and go when one grabs my attention. I agree some "modern art" may be slightly ridiculous however that won't stop me finding some gems in the crowd. I have been to a few this year including one of my fashion icons Audrey Hepburn, the Alexander McQueen which everyone was raving about and more. You have to go in open minded and let it provoke different thoughts in your mind, it's what you make of it that can make it special.

14) Harry potter studios
I can't believe I managed to convince the girls to come with me. After all this time I was giving up hope that I would get anyone to come with me and then they came and even more shocking absolutely loved it. We all had the best day and my inner Harry Potter fan was more than satisfied. 

15) Put on an event for charity
My course can be really challenging and I think people can put down fashion as a "stupid" course but they are wrong. This year I managed things I never thought I would be able to do. One of my most proud moments had to be raising the money for a charity event in my group of seven. The things we accomplished and the money we raised was so rewarding knowing it was all going to a good cause. Acts of selflessness can do amazing things for others but also for yourself - try it.
I spent this year preparing and cooking a three course meal with some bubbly followed by cards against humanity with my girls. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to spend my night. I think often years before there was too much anticipation and the night left me feeling disappointed and drunk... which I wouldn't recommend. I've realised that its important to spend it with people you really care about and to focus on all the positives and that way I finally had a successful new years.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I no longer dread the new year. 2016 will be my year to have to fight what will make my list of 16 things and I can't wait to share that with you. Let's do this, make 2016 your year.


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