Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Mac Lipsticks

I picked up two new lip shades from Mac which I thought would be perfect for Christmas party looks. I've wanted to buy some new shade after loving the ones I recently love so much, so exciting watching my little make-up collection grow.
There have been plenty of times I've hovered nearby the mac counter doing various make-up swatches anywhere I can find space. I often just do it for fun and walk away with nothing as I still find it difficult to splurge on make-up. However as I've been wearing my other two shades basically alternately, so I think I'm getting my moneys worth. I am slowly branching out selecting two very different shades to the ones I own currently.

Shy Shine
The first gap I wanted to fill way a pinky-nude, as the ones I own have more of a brown undertone. I don't think there is anything more wearable than a pale pink shade, perfect for new starters. At this time of year I find myself going for heavy smoky eye make-up looks and to balance that out I wanted to have a more neutral lipstick to reach for. 

On the lips it has a very subtle pigment leaving your lips with a hint of colour. This is literally the most natural shade on me and for that reason alone I know I won't just be using it for the festive season but all year round. It's also a lustre finish which I have been yet to try. It almost gives a gloss effect working as a two in one, very hollywood glamour!
Mac Red
The second shade I have been debating for years now. I'm not sure why but I have always had a fear of red lipstick. It is bold, bright and sexy but also classic. I made up multiple excuses in my head why red just wasn't for me; it doesn't suit my skin tone, I wouldn't be able to get away with it, it doesn't match my wardrobe etc. Lets just say I was feeling spontaneous when I swatched it on my hand because it was certainly an impulse buy.

It sat in my make-up box for a while and one day I finally plucked up the courage to even just put it on my lips. At this point I realised how awful I am at putting on lipstick, red doesn't hide any mistakes. Anyway, after a lot of patience and concealer I realised it didn't actually look to bad. I stared in the mirror completely shocked how much I liked this shade on myself. 

The advantages are endless - makes your teeth look whiter, you instantly look like you've made more effort, instantly adds festivity to your make-up and more. Sometimes the spontaneous decisions turn out to be the best ones you've ever made!


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