Thursday, 19 November 2015

True Brit | Country Tweed Nail Polish

Nothing like a new nail shade to the collection, it's ever growing. Especially my pink nude tones, but a girls can never have enough of those... well that's what I keep telling myself anyways!
I am mad about having my nails painted. I can't go a day without having something on them makes my hands look much nicer and me much more satisfied when I look at them. I am constantly looking for new formula's, nail art trends and something to branch out from the norm. I have to say with doing my dissertation you are lucky if they are even fully painted and aren't chipped from stress or lack of time to keep them on top form.

This shade is ideal for everyday use, hard to go wrong with a classic nude/pink shade. It goes with all your outfits, especially if you are in to your neutrals or pastels like myself. It works all year round and that means you get plenty of use out of the nail varnish.

I found with two coatings (which is pretty standard these days) the finish was opaque and I was actually pretty impressed. With lighter shades you often need to build them more but not with this, 10 points to True Brit! As for chipping I can't give such a high score but I don't hold back when it comes to doing jobs to save my nails, not the way life works unfortunately.

True Brit | Country Tweed Nail Polish*

Thank you to True Brit for gifting me this beautiful colour can't wait to try others from your collection!


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