Saturday, 21 November 2015

Testing Re-Vitalise Shampoo And Hair Masks

I love all things hair care! I have been trying to grow my hair for years and although I have a routine that I am pleased with it doesn't stop me from trying new products every now and again just incase I find something better.
One thing I like primarily about this company is the fact that they tailor the product around your hair type. I picked the natural/virgin hair as mine is all natural at present but there are specific ones depending on your hair care needs. I think this is so important because I think we can all agree that one shampoo will not fit all and everyone needs something unique whether that be for natural, damaged from heat, bleach or dye and many other situations.

I have to admit with the amount of hair I have on this head of mine I could of done with more than sachets as they never seem to be enough. Regardless I was excited to give both of the shampoo and mask a go and share my first impressions with you all.

Invigorating Shampoo
The shampoo oozed out of the sachet with easy, probably due to its light, smooth and simple application. As it applied it to my wet hair gently massaging it in the salon-friendly scent instantly made me feel more luxurious than usual. It pushed something in my mind that reminded me of having my hair done and that was enough to uplift my mood whilst it cleansed my hair of all the grease and dirt lingering from the hectic few days before hand. It claims to optimise moisture levels and nutrients, not 100% if I could test that but I do often think shampoo can leave my hair feeling slightly brittle before apply conditioner and it was much more improved when using this product. It was easy to wash out ready for the next few steps following the shampoo.

Revitalising Mask
The mask was thick in texture, varying from the light shampoo which I rinsed before applying this. I think that is always a good sign because I automatically think there will be more coverage as well as more things packed in to the mask itself. I often try to deep condition my hair when I can as I am awful for styling my hair and the heat often leave my hair feeling dry with broken ends. After coating evenly over my hair I left the mask for 25 minutes before heading back into the shower to rinse out the remaining product.

I'm happy to share that even once I had finished styling my hair the fresh fragrance was still apparent and I didn't mind as much when the wind blew it in my face. Overall I was impressed with the end condition, I think it was mostly the mask I had to thank for that! It would be interesting to see the results after a longer period of usage to see the difference it could make then. 
Thank you Nano Keratin for sending me some samples of your product to review. It has allowed me to share my opinions how it worked for me here on my blog!

What are your hair product must-haves?


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