Friday, 6 November 2015

Maison Ves Customised Candles

If you know me you will be fully aware of my love for candles. When it gets to that time of the evening where I shut down social media pick up my book and loose myself in another world I tend to gravitate to lighting all of the candles I have in the room. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance to review this one!
First of all I have to address the packaging, right? It's a bloggers monochrome dream but also means you can place it in any room at home without having to consider the decor. Very picture friendly if you couldn't already tell. What I love about candles too is that you can often re-use them once the candle is finished by filling them with different bits and bobs.

What sets the brand apart is the use of personal hashtags, on mine we have #BloggersRule #SayItWithHashtags and #MaisonVes. You can personalise this for someone you know which would make the most perfect gift. You can also have ones for friendship, marriage and many other celebrations which are already put together for you if you aren't one for words. With christmas just around the corner it would be great to give to loved ones and I'm positive it would be something I would be very happy to receive. The use of hashtags also makes it very current for today's social media market allowing you to share it online adding an element of fun.
I was provided the Vanilla and Coconut shade which smelt beautiful before I had even set it alight. Walking past it I would often catch the notes of it and was almost fighting my mum off from stealing it. It has to be her favourite scent and although some may view it as 'boring' I feel it is far from that. It releases a really light, fresh, calming aroma which is exactly what I want when I'm trying to unwind.

Although it has a more luxury price tag I think it is worth the money 100%. I've been throughly impressed with mine and wouldn't think twice about repurchasing. Having smelt some of the other scents too I certainly couldn't recommend them enough. Who needs cards when you can say it with a candle?

Maison Ves | Candle

Thank you to Maison Ves for kindling gifting me this candle and enabling me to create further content for you here on


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