Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Testing Out The Valmont Group Clarifying Creams

I was lucky enough to receive some samples from the Valmont group and test a few of their products to feedback to you all. As I'm trying to up my skincare game I'm all for testing a few things until I find exactly what works for me and my skin. 
The Valmont group itself is not one I had heard of before an event recently and after a long discussion I was shocked to know they had been around for 30 years. The luxury brand prides itself mostly on anti-ageing qualities which I'm not sure at 20 I need to think about just yet. However they also specialise in brightening of the skin and that perfect glow I think we all want to achieve. I kind of like these sample sizes too, ideal whilst travelling.

Clarifying Surge Cream
The cream has a lightweight texture which soaks in to the skin beautifully. The most impressive part is the radiance it gives my skin, it really does give you a healthy glow which works really nice under make-up too.

Clarifying Infusion Cream
This cream is a highly concentrated serum and works well on problem areas. It has been great to bring moisture to dry patches on my skin and give my skin a smooth surface. They both work best in combination with each other and I'm sure the other products available in the range.

As these are only sample sizes I wouldn't be able to tell you any long term benefits of using these products as they only lasted around 5 applications. This is more of a first impressions post, they are available to purchase on their website or you can go in store at Harrods for further information.
Voile Blanche | Il Provmo
When I met the ladies at Valmont they discussed that they were an umbrella brand (meaning that they are owned under another brand) which specialise in perfumes. They were spritzing different scents suited to each individual on rose rings and putting them on everyone's fingers which I thought was a lovely personal touch. 

I was delighted to see I got a mini sample these are so good to put in your handbag for a top up in the day. I think we bloggers/youtubers have a serious fall down when it comes to describing scents it has to be one of the hardest things ever. What I will say about this one in particular is that it is a mature scent. It's not one I would usually go for but that's is what I like most about it. The scent is what I would describe as a musky, sexy, dark floral scent - perfect for this season.

Let there be light!


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