Saturday, 24 October 2015

Dissertation Proposal | Third Year Series: Part Two

The second part of my dissertation series, mainly focused on my proposal which was due in on Monday. I share my tips and experiences so far... what a rollercoaster ride. 
So after having a few lectures on what to include in detail for my proposal I got started thinking about what it was that I really wanted to aim for. Following my kick start session I began to narrow down my ideas in to something more refined. I picked the one which I felt matched my skill set and the one which I was most passionate about. Having to have it done in such a short space of time was always going to be a struggle I think the whole course had a sigh of relief when the deadline was pushed back giving us the weekend. I am defiantly understanding the pressure and stress that people express when they talk about third year.
So I went to my first tutorial with my first draft in my hand. I built this up in my head so much before even arriving that I had totally freaked myself out. I sat down and explained my idea and went through the feedback I had been given previously which all seemed very positive.  For a first draft it was never going to be perfect but when you work on something very hard and you are passionate about the topic you obviously put your heart in to it a bit. Sometimes when people don't get that vision or want to change parts of it is hard to process and you almost feel protective over your idea. This was me in the tutorial and I actually felt very emotional. I'm not the best when it comes to criticism and my lecturers know what I am capable of so they are forever pushing me to achieve my best. After getting slightly teary I pulled it together and there wasn't actually much for me to change, just a few minor amendments.

I ended up with the title for my dissertation being "Experience of working as a model in the fashion industry as an ethnic minority?". My aim is basically to explore the ethnic minority representation in fashion and what rituals women of colour have to follow to conform to society’s view of beauty. I'm super excited for the next phase now that I have a set concept and know where I am going with it all. Next step is research, research, research.

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