Thursday, 17 September 2015

Summer Round Up

As summer draws to an end and I get back to uni life I thought I'd reminisce over summer and round up all the things I did.
This is my last official summer or that's what I like to think of it as. Next year onwards I will be in work and not have the luxurious 4 month break that uni gives me anymore. The thought is saddening however I had an aim to ensure I said yes to everything and took every opportunity to make it as fun filled as possible.

It got off to a rocky start and I was beginning to regret my decisions. I think it may have been the fact I had been mentally building it up in my head and my hopes were slightly too high which often leads to disappointment. I finished a lot earlier than many of my other friends at home and I also have a lot of friends already in full-time work which made my week days rather bland. I filled them with blogging and my youtube channel which made me feel as if I was doing something slightly productive. I have to admit I was barely leaving my room and kind of got myself in to a bit of a rut. Bed became my best friend and I was feeling very sorry for myself and thinking maybe I should've got a job like everyone else.

It wasn't long before my first holiday came along which I did a blog post on here if you would like to find out more about that (week in the life | 01). I thought this would be perfect to lift my mood, clear my head and take a break. This actually just made me more on edge about everything being way out of my comfort zone and a few major bumps on the road didn't help the anxiety I was feeling. I thought if this was my summer then I'd rather not have one at all. Don't get me wrong parts of this I enjoyed but there is still an overall negative feeling I cannot seem to shift.

Then July came which instantly made me feel better as it's a very special month for me. I'm sure if you've followed me since then you will be fully aware of the multiple birthdays in that month for my blog, youtube, mum, friend and also my own. I ticked off something from my bucket list I've wanted to do for a while now (which was going punting - I vlogged that too). This certainly picked up my spirits and I was getting myself on the right track to the summer I had in mind. I had an amazing birthday and it was a celebration I got to share with you doing my first ever giveaway which made me so happy to give something back. At the end of the month my family and I spent the week in Ireland. This has to be the highlight for me. I was literally never bored, it was spent with family who constantly had me in fits of laughter and really got to know more and take in the beautiful sights it has to offer. 

I came back feeling the best I've felt in ages and was on a mission to just enjoy life more. Since I have planned multiple weekends with my girls doing things such as The making of Harry Potter, the Audrey Hepburn exhibition, cocktail evenings just to name a few. I have attended three west end shows in London which I throughly enjoyed (musicals are my weakness)- including Billy Elliot, Lord Of the Dance (last one with Michael Flatley). My mum just took a week of to spend with me before I head back to uni. We had a great time relaxing having massages and going for afternoon tea, sounds perfect doesn't it? Well it was.

Overall like life my summer had its ups and downs but at least it ended on a high!


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